De-Booted!!! (with text)

April 16 — Back to the ortho yesterday. GOOD report. No PT, out of the boot for walking indoors and on pavement, limited only by pain/fatigue. Can go out in pastures with the boot! Goal is to be "weaned’ from the boot indoors and out at the end of May. Until then: walk, walk, walk. When it tires or hurts—stop, ice and elevate—then walk some more. Can take beginning ballet class in June! This will help predict how well I can/will do in regular ballet class in the fall. He said if I am doing well then end of May, I should get cleared to start running.

So yesterday “Me Being Me” I jumped from 30 minutes of walking to 12 hours out of the boot. Ran errands, hiked Wal-Mart, went to yoga, etc. Got home and was BEAT. Ankle was screaming, “Uncle!” so I soaked it and went to bed. Woke up at 11:16 with BOTH legs (left leg was loudest) shouting obscenities directed at me, my mother AND the horse I rode in on. Took a couple of Alleve and some magnesium and vowed to be more sensible.

April 17 - As predicted rehab has now entered the "Not Fun" phase. My entire lower leg feels like it is on a medieval stretching rack. Constant pulling sensation when weight bearing. Aches some. But still better than being dormant on the couch!!!

April 19 – Went to the dance recital that I would have been in had I not gotten injured. It was a super production and so nice to see my friends from the studio.

April 20 – Back at market. Drove truck whole way there and back. Lasted an hour on the pavement in shoes before I had to go back into the boot.

April 22 – Making plans for next week. It is a big GA/FL delivery for the meat business. You can read more here:

The ONLY way I am able to go is dear friend and co-pilot Cathy is going. She will do most of the driving and all of the unloading. I literally cannot get into the back of the truck as it involves climbing something of a ladder.

After the delivery, we will spend a few days at Disneyworld. At the market on asphalt Saturday (with Cathy) and after an hour I had to go back into the boot. That convinced me that a wheelchair was not optional at WDW. I’m concerned about being fatigued just walking from bus stop to park entrance. Will still walk as much as I can tolerate and will enjoy pool time!

My stamina is still very poor. I am used to being up and going full tilt for a 12 hour day. Not anymore. A few hours and I have to lie down, ice and elevate. Naps are good too. I guess you can’t be a fungus on a couch for 11 weeks and bounce back in 1 or 2.

April 23 – For the first time this year I put on my Ariat work boots and walked the pastures. Not the steep ones, but still outdoors and with my beloved sheep. Here are some scenes I enjoyed.

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