First Mile & 5 Month Follow Up

Memorial Day I went to the walking/running track and walked my first contiguous mile this year! My time was SLOW (as expected, but I was focused on accuracy of gait–not pace. The next day I walked 1.6 miles. My leg was tired and the Achilles a little tender, but not bad.

Back to ortho May 29 (In case you have lost track: Injury January 3, surgery January 8, casted and NWB until March 25, booted until April 15). First thing he said was, "Ready for ballet?!?!" YES! Made me smile. Very good report. Range of motion @ 8 wks post cast is where he would have expected @ 6 months. Try to walk 3x/wk at the track. No running (as if I could!) for 4-6 wks more, minimum. He asked if I was doing all the rehab on my own and I replied, "No, I’m doing personal training with trainers twice a week. He said, "Keep doing it for 3 more months!" NO NEED FOR PT!!

So beginning ballet next week!!!

I still cannot rise up on the balls of my feet–can only raise my heels about an inch. Am waiting for a friend’s pool to open for summer. Swelling is still an issue. OTC nor Rx meds seem to do anything. Dr. says it is normal and just ice, elevate and keep waiting it out.

ROM @ 16 weeks

Here are some ROM pics. I was casted for 11 weeks, then booted for 3. So I have been walking for 2 weeks.

De-Booted!!! (with text)

April 16 — Back to the ortho yesterday. GOOD report. No PT, out of the boot for walking indoors and on pavement, limited only by pain/fatigue. Can go out in pastures with the boot! Goal is to be "weaned’ from the boot indoors and out at the end of May. Until then: walk, walk, walk. When it tires or hurts—stop, ice and elevate—then walk some more. Can take beginning ballet class in June! This will help predict how well I can/will do in regular ballet class in the fall. He said if I am doing well then end of May, I should get cleared to start running.

So yesterday “Me Being Me” I jumped from 30 minutes of walking to 12 hours out of the boot. Ran errands, hiked Wal-Mart, went to yoga, etc. Got home and was BEAT. Ankle was screaming, “Uncle!” so I soaked it and went to bed. Woke up at 11:16 with BOTH legs (left leg was loudest) shouting obscenities directed at me, my mother AND the horse I rode in on. Took a couple of Alleve and some magnesium and vowed to be more sensible.

April 17 - As predicted rehab has now entered the "Not Fun" phase. My entire lower leg feels like it is on a medieval stretching rack. Constant pulling sensation when weight bearing. Aches some. But still better than being dormant on the couch!!!

April 19 – Went to the dance recital that I would have been in had I not gotten injured. It was a super production and so nice to see my friends from the studio.

April 20 – Back at market. Drove truck whole way there and back. Lasted an hour on the pavement in shoes before I had to go back into the boot.

April 22 – Making plans for next week. It is a big GA/FL delivery for the meat business. You can read more here:

The ONLY way I am able to go is dear friend and co-pilot Cathy is going. She will do most of the driving and all of the unloading. I literally cannot get into the back of the truck as it involves climbing something of a ladder.

After the delivery, we will spend a few days at Disneyworld. At the market on asphalt Saturday (with Cathy) and after an hour I had to go back into the boot. That convinced me that a wheelchair was not optional at WDW. I’m concerned about being fatigued just walking from bus stop to park entrance. Will still walk as much as I can tolerate and will enjoy pool time!

My stamina is still very poor. I am used to being up and going full tilt for a 12 hour day. Not anymore. A few hours and I have to lie down, ice and elevate. Naps are good too. I guess you can’t be a fungus on a couch for 11 weeks and bounce back in 1 or 2.

April 23 – For the first time this year I put on my Ariat work boots and walked the pastures. Not the steep ones, but still outdoors and with my beloved sheep. Here are some scenes I enjoyed.

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