baby with a broken mommy

I am sooooo bored stiff.  I am only two weeks post-op and all of this waiting is driving me batty.  Does anyone have any suggestions to pass the time (other than the TV, computer, and books) ? 

Hello world!

Hello everyone!  I never thought, as I am sure most of you are, that I would end up with an injury like this, with lots of time on my hands to think and write.  My journey started on June 8th, 2008  while playing my eighth softball game in eight days.  (two tournaments in a row).  It was the third game that particular weekend and we were in the bottom of the fifth inning when a line drive came down low in front of me in centre field.  I took a quick step for it, (it was an easy catch) when WHAM! something hit me in the back of the leg and I landed on my hands.  I turned around thinking at first that someone had hit a homerun on the field behind us and I had been hit with the ball.  When I saw nothing I thought #!%$@!, because I knew exactly what had happened.  My husband ran over and I told him what was wrong and they carried me off the field.  The pain wasn’t that bad and I watched the rest of the game with a big pack of ice.  Since we had all 3 of our kids with us, my husband dropped me off at the hospital and took the kids to the in-laws and went to the next game.

The emergency doctor was really nice and I joked with him to hurry because I had another game in 2 hours.  Since I could wiggle my toes I thought that maybe things weren’t as bad as I thought, but the doctor said “You are just kidding yourself, this is a really bad injury”.  He put me in a 200lb plaster cast and made pre-op arrangements for the following Thursday.  (my injury happended sunday afternoon)  After seeing the orthopaedic surgeon, my surgery was scheduled for Friday June 13th.

Waking up from surgery wasn’t pleasant.  I had some kind of nerve compression from the cast being improperly applied while I was still asleep and within an hour of recovery I was so pumped full of Morphine and percacets that my heart rate dropped to 48 and my oxygenation alarm kept going off .  The nurse kept saying “breath honey”.  It also took 14 hours to be able to use the washroom afterwards.  The pain after day 3 was virtually gone and I was off the percacets which were making me throw up.  I lost the last 8 baby pounds in the 5 days post-op!  What a way to diet.

Two days ago I had my first post-op appointment.  I only had two stitches, one at each end of an incision about 4 inches long.  Apparently the rest were internal, dissolving stitches.  The incision didn’t look too bad, but they had to straighten my foot back out because the first cast rotated my whole foot inwards towards my other foot.  (very painful).  In two weeks I go back to get my third cast when they will start stretching me out as far as they can.  I have been advised to take lots of pain medication before I get there cause its “gonna hurt like hell”.  That scares the crap out of me.  The surgeon told me it had been a really nasty rupture and that he had to go “fishing” for the other end.  He says that is why I have had so many cramps in my calf, because the muscle was bunched up for the 5 days waiting for surgery.

So here I sit, mother of 3 with my youngest only 9 months old at the time of my ATR.  It has been especially difficult because I cannot pick him up, carry him to change his diaper, or chase him around while he crawls and plays.  Luckily, my oldest just turned 13 and since school was almost over we took her out for one week to babysit.  This past week, mom and mother in law have been taking turns with the baby.  It really sucks.  Poor little guy is scared of my cast and crutches, and unless it is covered with a blanket, he cries when people pass him to me.  What a crappy way to spend your maternity leave.  At least I am not at work teaching high school biology!!  I don’t know how people go to work shortly after this injury.  I have recently started having significant pain again due to that nerve compression on the top of my foot.  I wish I had known earlier that the position was wrong, but I have never had a cast before so what do I know!!

Anyhow,  I have been fit and active my whole life and I am just pissed off about this whole thing because it really sucks.  Especially when I see people who are overweight walking around.  I can’t even do that right now.  Oh well,  I am hoping for a speedy recovery and am excited to see all of the stories here on line.  It has made everything much easier to deal with.  Good luck everyone, and hopefully we will all be in 2 shoes in no time!!