A Race to the Finish, not just turtles anymore.

Well here is the other contestant, my 11 month old son.  I am just starting to FWB and he does not quite have the courage to walk without holding on to my pinkie finger with one hand.  So it is a race to the finish.  Who is going to walk first; me or the baby.  I will keep you posted.

Two steps forward and one back

Hi everyone, I have been two weeks PWB and managed to go FWB yesterday for a couple of hours.  I was really excited about being able to move around without the crutches.  I just came back from a 5 day trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls with the hubby and kids and was having numbness and tingling in my arms and pain in my hands from being so much on my crutches and was anxious to be off of them.  Anyway, today when I got up I had to go through stages again, two crutches for 10 minutes, then one for another 10 minutes and then hobbling around again FWB.  Has anyone else had to this everytime they got up when first starting FWB?  I have to do this everytime I have sat for awhile.  Will it pass quickly?

weird things are happening

I am seven and a half weeks post-op and things have been progressing fairly well.  Yesterday, I managed to hobble around on one crutch.  Today however, my incision has felt like fire so I am taking it easy.  Late this afternoon, the middle toe on my bad foot started contracting all on its own like it was having a muscle spasm and then started to flutter.  It lasted about one minute and then happended again a half hour later and then again, and again.  It looks and feels really weird as the toes on either side are completely relaxed.  Is this some kind of nerve damage?  Has anyone else had their toes doing strange things? 

Finally standing on my own two feet!!!

After hobbling around all day PWB I finally managed to stand with my weight equally on both feet!!!  Woohoo!!  I am so excited that I treated my 13 year old daughter, who has been helping care for my 11 month old almost exclusively , to a night out at the movies.  I haven’t had this much fun in, let’s say, 8 weeks.  It’s the little victories that make all the difference.  Hopefully by this time next week I will be able to report FWB.  It’s going to be a close race to see who starts walking first, me or my 11 month old!! 

Anyone PWB in fibreglass cast???

Hi everyone,  hope you are all recoverying well.  I have been PWB for 6 days and can apply about 50lbs pressure to my foot.  The problem is that it feels like my incision site is being rubbed raw.  I am still in a fibreglass short leg cast for another three weeks at which time my surgeon wants me to arrive FWB.  Because I am in the cast I cannot check the site or ice it or air it out etc.  Has anyone else started PWB in a cast?  How did you deal with discomfort?  I feel good when I am actually applying pressure to the foot, it is afterward that the incision site is on fire.  It is inhibiting me from attempting FWB, am I trying to go too fast?

Need help with PWB

Hi again!  I started PWB two days ago and I am having a little difficulty.  My doctor gave me four weeks to get FWB while still in a short leg fibreglass cast.  When I first started it felt as though my cast was too tight on my ankle so that the weight was not on the bottom of my foot but on the bones on the side of the ankle.  It resulted in significant discomfort so I did not put much weight on it.  Yesterday, I managed about 18 pounds according to my scale.  When I woke up this morning it felt like my cast had shifted a bit and that more of the weight was being carried on the bottom of my foot.  I think maybe the padding was more compacted.  So I tried a bit more this morning and lo and behold it said 48 pounds on the scale.  Progress I guess.  Unfortunately, the problem is that it is very uncomfortable with some stinging pain along the top of my foot, and significant swelling.  Has anyone else had these problems??  How long in days/weeks did it take you to go from NWB to FWB.  Am I being impatient or should I take it slower?  One other problem is that when NWB I was fairly quick on my crutches but now that I am PWB I am extremely slow as I moderate the weight on my bad foot. 

Help! Toes look like a balloon!

Hi Everyone!  I will be six weeks post-op in two days and am supposed to start PWB on Friday.  I am still in full fibreglass and will be for another 4 weeks when I go to the boot.  The last few days I have been putting my foot down while I crutch around with no weight on it.  The problem is that the swelling and discomfort have increased dramatically, and my toes turn dark blue within 2 minutes of being upright.  This is making it very difficult for me to contemplate my graduation to PWB in two days.  I have found that wiggling my toes while my foot is down helps some.  Any suggestions??  I have been keeping my foot elevated at all times that I am not up and about (which still isn’t much).  Am I elevating my foot too much??  Or is this incredible swelling and discomfort normal when you first start putting your foot on the floor??  P.S.  I just got up to go to the washroom, lost my balance and put ALOT of weight on my bad foot.  It hurt like hell, and now I am worried that I have caused some damage.  I don’t think I reruptured, but my incision hurts like hell.  How do I know if it opened up if I am wearing a cast??

5 More Weeks???

Hi everyone!

Went to the ambulatory clinic today for my second “adjustment” and they got my foot to 90 degrees.  Yahoo!!!  I was sitting on the stretcher saying to the cast tech that it didn’t hurt as bad as last week when they got me to 65 degrees.  He just smiles.   Then as the cast starts setting he forces my foot forward.  Apparently he didn’t have my foot quite at 90 when he was applying it and LIED to me when I asked if it was.  After a few “HOLY CRAPS” sufficient to scare the crap out of everyone else waiting on their stretchers, the pain was over and I was neutral.  I now have a lovely walking sole velcroed (is that spelled correctly?) onto the bottom of my fibreglass cast.  Then comes the good news (sarcasm)  Next appointment in 5 weeks.  FIVE WEEKS are you kidding me???? But I am already 5 weeks post-op!!  Doc says I can start PWB in my cast in 8 days when I am at 6 weeks post-op and to be off the crutches altogether when I come back at the end of week 10.  He told me to go at my own pace and that 4 weeks should be long enough to get off the crutches.  At week 10 I go into the boot for another 4 weeks.  Wow, this is going to take a really, really, really long time.  Sigh!!!

65 degrees for now

Hi everyone!  All of these reruptures are really freaking me out.  I will be 5 weeks post-op of Friday and am only a week shy of some of these “accidents”.  My doctor plans on having me in a short leg fibreglass cast until 8 weeks and then the boot for another four so I am really glad for the conservative route.  He says no pt until I am out of plaster.  Anyway.  I got a cast change six days ago and had my foot angle changed for the first time.  It hurt like hell for the 2 minutes they held it in position while my cast set but then the burning fire on the top of my foot disappeared as soon as they let go of my toes.  Thank god.  The tech says I got a good 65 degrees out of my first go which he was quite happy with.  For the first time I felt like I was making progress.  Tomorrow I go back to try for the full 90 degrees.  The doc says that if I get there he will apply a walking cast and I can start touching down my foot and working my way to PWB.  Has anyone else started PWB in full fibreglass??  I am scared that it is too early but am wondering if it is okay while I am still in a cast for at least another 3 weeks.  I plan to just use the foot for balance etc. for the first week.  Although I am really anxious to be through all of this, I can’t afford to start over with 3 kids at home, one of them only 10 months old.  To PWB or not, that is the question.  Oh well, if I can’t get to 90 tomorrow it won’t matter anyway but I am hoping I will.  Good luck to all.

too tight cast

Hi everyone,  I am almost 3 weeks post-op and had my stitches out and a new cast put on last Thursday (6 days ago).  When the cast tech was putting it on she was pulling really hard on it as she wound it around my leg.  I thought that was really weird but didn’t say anything because the previous one was so bad that anything had to be better.  The first cast was put on while still under general and they somehow managed to rotate my foot in towards my other leg and under so that all of the pressure of the cast was on the surface of my foot.  The result was severe burning pain and numbness.  Since I have never had a cast before, I thought that maybe there had been nerve damage during surgery, but when I had my stitches out my foot was really twisted and they had to force it into the correct position for the new cast.  So back to that one.  When I got home the pain became progressively worse again, after having improved for the 20 minutes the cast was off.  Friday I toughed it out because I thought that maybe it was just swelling due to the cast change.  Monday and Tuesday the clinic was closed for Canada Day, so that brings us to today.  I called the hospital and they said to come in if I wanted and they would have a look at the cast.  The two techs took of the old one and the top of my foot was covered in bruises.  The tech thought that it was from the surgery, but six days earlier when the cast was changed there was extensive bruising only on the back of my ankle and the sides.  He then checked the inside of the cast and said “yup, there is a big lump in the cast right where all the bruising is, its a good thing you came in”  I have to tell ya I was annoyed because the burning pain has been intolerable and medication didn’t help.  I now have a lovely new hot pink cast and am hoping that third time is the charm and I will no longer have pressure issues on the top of my foot.  Morale of the story?  If you are really uncomfortable, get yourself checked, you might be suffering needlessly.