A Race to the Finish, not just turtles anymore.

Well here is the other contestant, my 11 month old son.  I am just starting to FWB and he does not quite have the courage to walk without holding on to my pinkie finger with one hand.  So it is a race to the finish.  Who is going to walk first; me or the baby.  [...]

Two steps forward and one back

Hi everyone, I have been two weeks PWB and managed to go FWB yesterday for a couple of hours.  I was really excited about being able to move around without the crutches.  I just came back from a 5 day trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls with the hubby and kids and was having numbness [...]

weird things are happening

I am seven and a half weeks post-op and things have been progressing fairly well.  Yesterday, I managed to hobble around on one crutch.  Today however, my incision has felt like fire so I am taking it easy.  Late this afternoon, the middle toe on my bad foot started contracting all on its own like [...]

Finally standing on my own two feet!!!

After hobbling around all day PWB I finally managed to stand with my weight equally on both feet!!!  Woohoo!!  I am so excited that I treated my 13 year old daughter, who has been helping care for my 11 month old almost exclusively , to a night out at the movies.  I haven’t had this [...]

Anyone PWB in fibreglass cast???

Hi everyone,  hope you are all recoverying well.  I have been PWB for 6 days and can apply about 50lbs pressure to my foot.  The problem is that it feels like my incision site is being rubbed raw.  I am still in a fibreglass short leg cast for another three weeks at which time my [...]

Need help with PWB

Hi again!  I started PWB two days ago and I am having a little difficulty.  My doctor gave me four weeks to get FWB while still in a short leg fibreglass cast.  When I first started it felt as though my cast was too tight on my ankle so that the weight was not on the [...]

Help! Toes look like a balloon!

Hi Everyone!  I will be six weeks post-op in two days and am supposed to start PWB on Friday.  I am still in full fibreglass and will be for another 4 weeks when I go to the boot.  The last few days I have been putting my foot down while I crutch around with no [...]

5 More Weeks???

Hi everyone!
Went to the ambulatory clinic today for my second “adjustment” and they got my foot to 90 degrees.  Yahoo!!!  I was sitting on the stretcher saying to the cast tech that it didn’t hurt as bad as last week when they got me to 65 degrees.  He just smiles.   Then as the cast starts [...]

65 degrees for now

Hi everyone!  All of these reruptures are really freaking me out.  I will be 5 weeks post-op of Friday and am only a week shy of some of these “accidents”.  My doctor plans on having me in a short leg fibreglass cast until 8 weeks and then the boot for another four so I am [...]

too tight cast

Hi everyone,  I am almost 3 weeks post-op and had my stitches out and a new cast put on last Thursday (6 days ago).  When the cast tech was putting it on she was pulling really hard on it as she wound it around my leg.  I thought that was really weird but didn’t say [...]