one year later!!!

Hi everyone, it has been six long months since my last post! My one year ATR anniversary was on June 8th and things are looking pretty good, although portions of my scar are as ugly as @#$#. My pregnancy went really well, except that the extra 42 pounds I put on put a real strain on my recovering tendon. Our beautiful baby girl Kassandra was born 2 1/2 weeks ago on June 4th. Lucky for me I have already lost 30 pounds and my tendon no longer feels so sore. In fact, I think that it is probably stronger because of the extra load it had to carry for 9 months. My focus now will be to get back into shape, since I have had two very quick pregnancies, with the ATR rupture and surgery in between. I have no muscle tone or endurance left at all so I have a lot of work to do. Oh well, with 4 kids at home, there is a lot to keep me busy. I am not playing slo-pitch this year, although I could start this week if I really wanted to. I am very nervous about pushing my tendon since I have not done any running on it yet and certainly not any quick starts and stops, which is what got me into this mess in the first place. Somedays, I still look at that ugly line on the back of my ankle and get ticked off. After a lifetime of good fitness and athleticism, this is what you get. Getting older sucks! Anyway, it is summer and there is ample opportunity to get back in shape now that the weather is good. I am still very tired since the baby is only 2 weeks old but its time to get at it!! Hope everyone is recovering quickly. Enjoy your summer!!

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  1. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family and hitting the one year marker! Haven’t been to the site in a while and was glad to see so many posters hitting the “marathon” ticker end.

  2. Hi

    Its very encouraging to hear such news. congratulations on the new arrival. i have just suffered a re-rupture while still in cast and have to go through the whole process again. but your energy and happiness is a great help.
    I have 3 children and am really looking forward to getting back in to the groove with them again. take it easy and don’t try to get going too soon. it seems that re-ruptures are all too common and you really have a lot on your plate there. also - tendons after pregnancy are not at their best and still pretty loose with all those hormones. so take care.
    anna woodfine

  3. Congratulations, you must be made of steel to cope with achilles and being pregnant. Hope you have a happy time ahead

  4. Congratulations Jenny, on your baby girl. I guess she isn’t brand new anymore… About 6 months old?
    This is the first time I have checked this site and the first time I have read your June 2009 post.

    My girls are 4 and 2 now.

    It’s been a year & a half now since the ATR. Things are going well. I am running fairly regularly and doing aerobics classes at the Goodlife.

    Thinking about playing basketball again, but very afraid. Have you played any sports yet? You had mentioned you were going to wait a bit before attempting slo-pitch.
    Your thoughts???

    Hope you are well.

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