When did you start to drive again??

I have a right ATR and am 12 weeks post-op today.  I have 3 kids, and a million appointments a week (3 just for PT and then all the kids activities)  My dad has been driving across the city almost everyday and been taking me to all of my appointments but I feel really bad.  PT says that driving is not an issue but the possibility of emergency braking and possible microtears to my recovering tendon. (she doesn’t think it would rerup at this point).  Anyway, I am sick and tired of being grounded and want to sneak out of the house with my car FREEDOM!!  At what time did any of you start driving, any suggestions??

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  1. Hi Jenny,

    I am one of the dumb ones. I started driving a bit last weekend and have been driving this week. I don’t drive alot just a few appointments. I am 4 weeks post op in a boot PWB and I feel safe. I did baby steps driving, in the driveway, then to the store and etc.

    My ATR is on the right foot so, i brake with my left foot. I use my heel (just like walking) to press down on the gas. So that is my experience, probably not advised by a doctor but the doctor has not been in the house for weeks depending on others for a ride!

    Good Luck


  2. I started driving at a few days before 6 weeks post op. I got the okay from my PT to take the boot off to drive (right ATR). Just had to prove to her that my foot was strong enough to do it. I think that it actually turned out to be good therapy. Just had to be careful. I came through it alright though.

  3. I’m 13 weeks post-op and started driving last week. I’m like Mario– ATR on right, so accelerate with right and brake with left. Since it had been so long since I had been driving, my right leg did tire easily, but after a few outings, no problem. I don’t go very far though and I do notice if I drive to more than a couple places, my foot/leg gets mad at me.
    I recommend to not over-do-it, start out with baby steps, because in our condition, driving is not only physically tiring, but mentally as well. That’s just my advice :) Happy driving…..go SLOW!


  4. I am at 8 weeks post-op and have been driving with a right ATR for the past couple of weeks. My doctor blessed it as long as I practiced in a parking lot first and felt comfortable with the strength I had regained. My recovery has progressed very well, so a few zips around my sons’ school parking lot and I had every confidence that driving for those million errands, appointments, etc. that come up every day would be fine!

    The only bother has been taking the boot on and off when getting in & out of car … I have been advised that in my state (Pennsylvania) if I were to get in an accident, I would automatically be at fault if I were driving with a boot, splint, cast, etc. Plus I think it is just too bulky to drive comfortably with the boot. Good news is that my latest doc instructions are to wean myself out of boot over next 4 weeks. I am already boot-free at home and just wear boot when I am out and about, so this is a great new feeling of freedom.

    Good luck to you. The driving will be a big boost to your outlook and day-to-day ability to get things done — it certainly was for me!

  5. Hi Jenny,
    I actually began driving 2 weeks post op. I’m at week 6 and am on my second cast. I would not recommend people do what I did but I did it out of necessity. My closest family is 200 miles away. I’m in good shape so I was not afraid of driving when I first attempted it. I suggest you follow everyone elses suggestions: practice in your neighborhood or were there is a small amount of traffic(I live in Southern California-so traffic is everywhere) and just take it slow and keep a good distance behind the car ahead of you. My right AT ruptured so I break with the left and gas it with my right(I also use cruise control a lot). Good luck and be safe.


  6. I drove at 10 weeks. I would think you are ready.

  7. I started driving after 1st post op at 1 week. Doc said OK just use the left foot. I had to buy an old car with an automatic because both of our cars are manual. Of course I only drive 3 miles, in town, to work each day. My wife drives everywhere else. You should be fine. Just be cautious.

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