Feeling Down and Out

hello all,  I have been fairly upbeat and optimistic over the last 15 weeks and not yet even had a good cry over all of this nonsense.  My husband is a “suck it up”  kind of guy and isn’t particularly interested in listening to me vent about how frustrated I am.  In the past week [...]

I have Osteo what????

Hi everyone,  things have been going fairly well at PT and I am making slow but steady progress.  Immediately following my surgery 13 weeks ago, I  had significant loss of sensation down the right side of my right foot all the way to my pinkie toe, and still cant feel anything.  I have also had [...]

Oh how wonderful it is!!

Went to my PT appointment yesterday and was told to ditch the boot, so I celebrated and bought myself a brand new pair of running shoes on the way home.  Boy did it feel weird to have a shoe on that foot.  It didn’t hurt, just felt really weird.  I wore the shoes all evening [...]

When did you start to drive again??

I have a right ATR and am 12 weeks post-op today.  I have 3 kids, and a million appointments a week (3 just for PT and then all the kids activities)  My dad has been driving across the city almost everyday and been taking me to all of my appointments but I feel really bad.  [...]

Long drive but worth it!

Well, after deciding to stay home and tend to my brand new PT, my husband and kids convinced me to go on vacation for a week.  It was fun but exhausting.  After driving 3.5 hours from Sudbury to Toronto, we took the four hour flight to Calgary Alberta and spent the day,  The rest of [...]