Wow, that is really really gross!

Hi everyone,  finally got the cast off this morning after a total of almost 11 weeks in fibreglass including pre-op.  Now I get to deal with the snakeskin that seems to have grown on my leg and especially my heel during that time.  When I got home an hour ago, I took off my boot [...]

I win, I win, I win!!!

Yes, I did it, I am walking FWB before my baby. Ha!  Ha! Ha!  But it was pretty close and he still wins the cuteness award big time.  Anyway, the fibreglass finally comes off it two days and I get the boot! Yay, and in six days I finally start PT.  Ten weeks in a cast [...]

A Race to the Finish, not just turtles anymore.

Well here is the other contestant, my 11 month old son.  I am just starting to FWB and he does not quite have the courage to walk without holding on to my pinkie finger with one hand.  So it is a race to the finish.  Who is going to walk first; me or the baby.  [...]

Two steps forward and one back

Hi everyone, I have been two weeks PWB and managed to go FWB yesterday for a couple of hours.  I was really excited about being able to move around without the crutches.  I just came back from a 5 day trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls with the hubby and kids and was having numbness [...]

weird things are happening

I am seven and a half weeks post-op and things have been progressing fairly well.  Yesterday, I managed to hobble around on one crutch.  Today however, my incision has felt like fire so I am taking it easy.  Late this afternoon, the middle toe on my bad foot started contracting all on its own like [...]