Anyone PWB in fibreglass cast???

Hi everyone,  hope you are all recoverying well.  I have been PWB for 6 days and can apply about 50lbs pressure to my foot.  The problem is that it feels like my incision site is being rubbed raw.  I am still in a fibreglass short leg cast for another three weeks at which time my surgeon wants me to arrive FWB.  Because I am in the cast I cannot check the site or ice it or air it out etc.  Has anyone else started PWB in a cast?  How did you deal with discomfort?  I feel good when I am actually applying pressure to the foot, it is afterward that the incision site is on fire.  It is inhibiting me from attempting FWB, am I trying to go too fast?

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  1. You can ice a fiberglass cast and it really provides quite a bit of relief……bags of peas :) You will feel the cooling through the cast… can cover the peas with dishtowels to make sure the cast stays dry. It can’t hurt to give it a try :)
    Good luck!!!

  2. I had same sensation. After a week of pwb and then fwb, I called the doctor to tell him I was concerned that my incision was opening…as it felt burning. He had me come in and took off the cast. The incision was GREAT– but I did have some redness/rubbing on the leg from the cast. I told him I felt like the boy who cried wolf, and he reassured me it was better to know that everything was OK then for me to worry. He recasted me with more soft padding then the first time. It made a difference, and I felt much better for the duration of the cast.

    So - in all likelihood, you have some chafing and your incision is fine. But, if you have doubts, call and ask him to take a look!

    I agree with the other comment - icing helps. Just do a little FWB at a time - ice and elevate.

  3. Hi,

    I am in my third fibreglass cast. The second one was causing a sense that the wound was opening. Just as tennisjunkie did, I ended up going in because I was sure it was too tight …

    They were happy to open it up and it was also just fine … but a little red.

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