5 More Weeks???

Hi everyone!

Went to the ambulatory clinic today for my second “adjustment” and they got my foot to 90 degrees.  Yahoo!!!  I was sitting on the stretcher saying to the cast tech that it didn’t hurt as bad as last week when they got me to 65 degrees.  He just smiles.   Then as the cast starts setting he forces my foot forward.  Apparently he didn’t have my foot quite at 90 when he was applying it and LIED to me when I asked if it was.  After a few “HOLY CRAPS” sufficient to scare the crap out of everyone else waiting on their stretchers, the pain was over and I was neutral.  I now have a lovely walking sole velcroed (is that spelled correctly?) onto the bottom of my fibreglass cast.  Then comes the good news (sarcasm)  Next appointment in 5 weeks.  FIVE WEEKS are you kidding me???? But I am already 5 weeks post-op!!  Doc says I can start PWB in my cast in 8 days when I am at 6 weeks post-op and to be off the crutches altogether when I come back at the end of week 10.  He told me to go at my own pace and that 4 weeks should be long enough to get off the crutches.  At week 10 I go into the boot for another 4 weeks.  Wow, this is going to take a really, really, really long time.  Sigh!!!

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  1. I am amazed when I read of people’s long, long recoveries. Are these doctors all of different opinions and habitual protocols, or are they basing their judgments on what they actually see or feel in you? I am really curious myself, since my doc had me walking on a cast at only 15 days post-op.

    What could be the reason for such differences?

  2. Hi tourguide!! My orthopaedic surgeon said outright that he would never have anyone PWB earlier than 6 weeks under any circumstances. Too risky. Listening to the re-rupture stories for our early weight bearers I agree that it is not worth the risk. I bet you a few bucks that they would have rather gone slower and healed the first time than have to start right over after 6 weeks.

  3. I think rehab protocal varies a lot based on the type of surgery you have, the general approach of your doctor, your physical condition prior to surgery, your post-surgery needs and the list goes on and on.

    Before I had my surgery I got two opinons: one from an orthopedic and one from a foot and ankle specialist. I was SHOCKED at how different their approaches were. I ended up going with the foot and ankle specialist.

    My only suggestion for people with recent ATR’s would be get a second opinon and research about the different approaches to ATR repairs. Dennis has listed a lot of sites and I think this is another good starting point: http://www.mdmercy.com/footandankle/conditions/achilles_tendon_probs/acute_achl_tendonrupture.html

    Regardless, follow your doctor’s orders and more importantly, your own body; it will tell you what is ok.

    Happy healing.

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