65 degrees for now

Hi everyone!  All of these reruptures are really freaking me out.  I will be 5 weeks post-op of Friday and am only a week shy of some of these “accidents”.  My doctor plans on having me in a short leg fibreglass cast until 8 weeks and then the boot for another four so I am really glad for the conservative route.  He says no pt until I am out of plaster.  Anyway.  I got a cast change six days ago and had my foot angle changed for the first time.  It hurt like hell for the 2 minutes they held it in position while my cast set but then the burning fire on the top of my foot disappeared as soon as they let go of my toes.  Thank god.  The tech says I got a good 65 degrees out of my first go which he was quite happy with.  For the first time I felt like I was making progress.  Tomorrow I go back to try for the full 90 degrees.  The doc says that if I get there he will apply a walking cast and I can start touching down my foot and working my way to PWB.  Has anyone else started PWB in full fibreglass??  I am scared that it is too early but am wondering if it is okay while I am still in a cast for at least another 3 weeks.  I plan to just use the foot for balance etc. for the first week.  Although I am really anxious to be through all of this, I can’t afford to start over with 3 kids at home, one of them only 10 months old.  To PWB or not, that is the question.  Oh well, if I can’t get to 90 tomorrow it won’t matter anyway but I am hoping I will.  Good luck to all.

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  1. I started PWB and within a week progressed to FWB in a cast, starting at day 19! Otherwise, my conservative doctor has me in a boot, and this week 11. Go figure.

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