Mamma Mia

Friends of mine took me out to the movies this past weekend to see “Mamma Mia”.  Great fun, but I can’t help but to be green with envy watching all the dancing.  I know that soon enough, I will. 

My 6 week post-op dr visit is this Thursday.  I can’t wait - but I am also nervous.  I think the boot/cast is preventing the incision from healing correctly and I don’t think I am walking in it correctly.   Although it has been 3 weeks (already!) with the boot/cast, I still am not fond of it.   I almost think I would be better off with some sort of brace and my own sneaker!

Thank you all for this site.  I really think that finding this site is what is keeping me sane through all this.  Not driving is really tough - I dont’ know if the doc will hand me my keys on Thursday or not (probably not) but I am ready to start some sort of PT and exercises to strengthen the area.   Ready for the next step…

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