Learned a lesson…

First, let me tell you all that I got my shirt and I LOVE it!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

I went to my doctor yesterday for 6 week post-op.  I’m out of the cast/boot, and in regular sneakers - absolutely NO flip-flops, sandals, etc, but that is okay. No running or jumping but he encouraged me to walk, swim and bike ride.   He did this test where he squeezed the calf (which is about half the size of my good calf) and my toes responded - he doesn’t want me to do PT yet, but I am allowed to drive (awesome!) and I am FWB.  I have a horrible limp, but that is okay.  I definitly pushed it today - I just got home after a day at work and grocery shopping and uh-oh - I am SWOLLEN!!!   Off to the reclyner with ice I go!


Mamma Mia

Friends of mine took me out to the movies this past weekend to see “Mamma Mia”.  Great fun, but I can’t help but to be green with envy watching all the dancing.  I know that soon enough, I will. 

My 6 week post-op dr visit is this Thursday.  I can’t wait - but I am also nervous.  I think the boot/cast is preventing the incision from healing correctly and I don’t think I am walking in it correctly.   Although it has been 3 weeks (already!) with the boot/cast, I still am not fond of it.   I almost think I would be better off with some sort of brace and my own sneaker!

Thank you all for this site.  I really think that finding this site is what is keeping me sane through all this.  Not driving is really tough - I dont’ know if the doc will hand me my keys on Thursday or not (probably not) but I am ready to start some sort of PT and exercises to strengthen the area.   Ready for the next step…


Friday the 13th

Hello all - I had surgery on 6/13/08.   The first ten days were unbelievable.    On the 10th day, I went back to the doctor where he removed the first padded brace/splint, and took x-rays.   I was then put into a hard cast.   Today, I went to have that cast removed and stitches out.    I am now in the boot - still very painful and tender and I want to drive but I can’t yet (right foot).    I’m hanging in there….