Starting at the beginning….

Hi everyone, I was so happy to stumble onto this site a few days before my surgery. I’ve been dealing with pain in the achilles area for about a year and a half. My doctor has tried a few conservative treatments, and I was ok for the most part. December 2015 things started to get rough. He decided to go conservative again with a few more shots and the boot. It actually started to feel somewhat better, so I started to wear shoes for about 3 weeks, but I knew it wasn’t better. He ordered an MRI and discovered a minor tear. The day after that MRI my ankle gave out and I could feel something terrible….. then a few days later on Valentine’s Day it happened again and I heard the infamous POP and felt the pain again. (Just another reason to not like VDay!) I put the boot on and called my podiatrist. My guy was away but when the dr. who was there saw it she actually said, "Oh shit." She ordered another MRI which showed a 90% tear.

Fast forward- I had my surgery on Tuesday Feb. 28 and if there is any way that surgery can be a great experience, it was! I went to a surgery center where I know 2 of the nurses. I was in at about 7:00 am and we laughed while I got ready, and it was super lighthearted. Everyone was terrific. I got a nerve block from the knee down, and I remember turning over so he could get to my thigh….I remember the anesthesiologist telling me he was giving me a double mojito… and after that I might remember 4 or 5 seconds. When I woke up I felt great! My friend came back to sit with me… she is a nurse so of course she started checking charts and everything. Luckily she has an awesome sense of humor! I didn’t realize that I was breathing lightly but the O alarm was going off so they hit me with some oxygen and once I started to work at breathing more deeply was ok. In no time I felt well enough to get dressed and we were on our way! The nerve block was amazing. We went out for breakfast and I put my foot up and thought, "this seems much too easy!" Honestly I was great until about 8:00 PM. My friend told me that when I could feel my toes to take my pain meds, which I did. I was surprised at how fast I was like OH. There it is. I didn’t sleep much that night, and still wasn’t feeling great on Wednesday. The combination of the anesthesia and the percocet gave me a migraine that didn’t want to go away. I had been worried about that because I do get migraines and I know pain killers can be a trigger sometimes. My dr. called in Toradol and said to take 1 and 1, and that is a lovely combo. Today has been so much better.

I’m getting around on my scooter and am able to stay on my first floor, which makes it much easier. I’m trying to get into a routine that does not include just sitting on my butt and watching tv. I’m getting my doctorate, so there is always some classwork to do. Right now I’m planning on taking three weeks off. I’m an elementary principal of two schools, and that involves some moving as you can imagine. If I am cleared to go back I’ll have people pick me up, as some of my teachers live nearby. I don’t want to go too soon, though. I really want this recovery to go smoothly.

I’m keeping my foot elevated…..although sometimes the pressure on the back hurts. I’m just using the scooter or crutches to get around, and am taking my meds. Other than that I’m trying to eat healthy foods and move around using the scooter at least every hour. I really would like to drop some weight while I’m home. What do you think? Most of all I’m learning that you have to be a friend to yourself, esp. if you are home by yourself. My daughter is a senior and involved in things at school, so it’s just me and the pets until she gets home.

I feel very lucky to have sweet friends who check in on me, my mom and dad who came to keep me company, and a daughter who takes care of me. Looking forward to reading other blogs and keeping up with some new Achilles pals!

Edited—— tonight I decided to use my crutches so I could get around a little to wash my hair in the bathtub (while on my knees outside of the tub of course) and change clothes. I stumbled and had to put my boot foot down- of course I’m afriad now. It scared me enough to really take it easy now. I was getting too adventurous. Has that happened to anyone? I just have this fear that I hurt it and the screws are going to be displaced or something…….

So I have a soft wrap under the Breg boot, which is super heavy and has the wedges lifts in it. Wondering if a cast comes next or another kind of boot, or the same boot and they take a wedge out one a time…….

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