6 week check in

I haven’t posted for a few weeks- glad to read that most of you are doing well! A little update… I started back to work after 3 weeks off. Worked 2 days and was just exhausted and took the next 3 off. The next week I was feeling so much better and was really ready to go.
At my 4.5 week check up I was moved to partial weight bearing. That was awesome! The next week though, there was a little swelling. I’m still in the boot, but started PT this week and what a difference!!! The PT has been amazing and has made my foot feel so much better. He recommended that I try to put a shoe on, which was so exciting. The boot has been so uncomfortable. I found a super light pair of tennis shoes that have a fabulous memory foam sole and put them on today. JOY! I will still wear the boot for the rest of the week but walked a little today and felt like such a normal person.

New things after starting PT and walking a little—- my right leg feels so weird. There’s been a decent amount of atrophy from ankle to calf, and I’m sure the rest of the leg must compensate. I’m interested to learn from others how their legs regained strength. Also when do you stop worrying that it’s going to rupture again? Lastly, does it ever go back to being totally pain free? It feels so much better, there is just always something little that kind of aches. I know it’s still a little soon,just wondering. Thanks everyone!

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  1. That sounds like really good progress. I hope I can say the same soon (I’m about a week or two behind your timeline.)

    I’m curious about the nagging aches, too. Most of the time I don’t have any issues but there’s always something each day that aches or twinges around my ankle.

  2. Sounds like you’re doing well. I’m in between the 3 & 4 week mark and feeling REALLY tired. I’m encouraged to hear you felt so much better once past the 4 week mark.
    Congrats on the 2 shoes and feeling like a normal person!! Your PT should give you exercises to regain your strength. It is a very slow and gradual process, for sure.

  3. You’ll regain muscle strength (and mass) as they give you more exercises in PT. I compared feet and noticed that my right leg has atrophied from the knee all the way down to the toes!

  4. Great Jenn! Glad you are doing better. You’ll get less tired as time goes by. I am also interested to hear when to stop worrying about re-rupture - that terrifies me more than anything.

  5. Sounds like great progress, Jenn! It will take a while for the aches and pains and weird feelings to go away. But, as you do more exercises with and without your PT, and you gain strength and endurance, you will feel more normal.

    With my first achilles rupture (surgical repair 5 years ago), I think it was somewhere between the 4-6 month period when I really felt “normal” again. Maybe at 4 months, I was pretty good, except when I tried to get up quickly and “run” to get a ball that was rolling down the court, or something. It was a stupid, limpy run, or jog! I guess my brain still knew to ease off on the quick bursts of running. But, for the most part, I never really thought about my ankle much. At around 6 months, I really felt pretty good, and was pushing myself harder without realizing it - not much concerned with the ankle or re-rupturing. There was certainly no pain by then for sure. I think everyone is different as to how fast they recover, and when their brain starts to “forget” that they had this injury. I do, however, still have a “click” in that ankle - even now, 5 years later. Just every now and then, I can put my foot in the plantar position, and then quickly bring it to dorsi - and the ankle clicks. Doesn’t hurt - just clicks.

    Hope your recovery continues along the good path that it’s on! Just keep up with those exercises - both with the PT and at home! Don’t quit, once you start feeling better.

  6. Hey! I am 4 weeks in yesterday from my injury. Had a cast for 13 days after surgery for repair of complete rupture on my right driver leg. I had surgery on a Thursday and thought I would be back to work on Friday….NOT! However I was able to return in the Monday following and so far have done ok with a lot of help. I’m in THE BOOT FROM HELL!!! I am using a knee scooter at work and crutches. Both work but are very awkward for an independent 54 year old female. I am still not full weight bearing. I go back for 5 week ck the 28th and am anxious to see my progression. I leave on the 30th for a 7 day cruise so I hope I will be given a little more freedom. Actually thing I may feel safer in the trip wearing THE BOOT FROM HELL!!!

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