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Right foot ATR peeps, did you drive before being FWB? If you are still in your boot, did you take it off to drive? I’ll be booted until the 8 week mark but cannot for the life of me imagine not being able to drive for 5 more weeks. Just wondering how that works.

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  1. I’m wondering about this as well. I’d have to say it’s one of the more annoying parts of this injury… I hate being housebound (or dependent on someone else to get around).

  2. I did practice driving with my left foot. When I suggested it to the doc (I’m in CA) he said don’t do it. Not because of my foot but because if an accident happens lawyers could have a field day with the fact that I’m driving left footed. In fact my insurance could refuse to pay based on that fact if they decide my driving was affected by using my left foot.

  3. I had right leg rupture and I drive automatic car. I was told by my PT that I can drive when I can make emergency break safely. I was cleared on week 15, BUT I was non-op. You were surgical, so these initial weeks are different for you and hopefully that will be MUCH faster for you.

    Saying that, my PT made me do thera-band exercises early on. Just foot pumps with the bands in plantar flexion position to simulate pressing car pedals. I was doing these 2-3 times a day. Something you could ask your PT about. I guess anything to speed up getting behind the wheel. For me that was the worst part of this injury - depending on others to go places.

    Also, some states allow left foot driving from what I heard. You should check yours state/country and insurance laws. Another option is left foot driving adapter, if you are told that it will be a while for driving. It is, however about $200 and I was told it is a bit awkward.

    Your PT will be the best person to assess your strength and ability to return to driving. I know that part sucks big time, but hang in there….

  4. Mine is right ATR as well. I’ve been driving with my left foot since about 5 days after surgery. I will say I was already prepared since I’ve been using my left foot for braking for about the last 20 years so the foot knows how hard to push down. You can either tuck your right foot under as far back as it will go towards the seat or swing it over the console (less comfortable for me as I had to twist my body to the right a bit.) I know driving with my left foot is not the best option, but I don’t have other options and have to get to work.

  5. You inspired me! I tried driving with my left foot today and felt the freedom of a bird!!! I don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner! (A friend is married to a state police officer and I checked with him to see if it was ok- he said that it was as long as I was comfortable with it.)

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