Back to Work!

Day 1 back to work went pretty well. The biggest thing I underestimated is how not having my foot elevated would feel. By the time I got home it was hurting. Not terribly, but more than usual. Other than feeling tired it wasn’t too bad.

I still have the Breg and wear it 24 hours a day, still with the original wedges. The soft insole was really squished down so I inserted a felt pad underneath of it and it’s been more comfortable. Last night I actually took the boot apart and de-linted it (which I do constantly- it picks up everything!), Febreezed it (getting a bit whiffy), and added a little bling to freshen it up a little.

Stages of the boot: Novelty (Yep I have a boot, check it out). Acceptance (Ok, I’ll be in this for a bit). Annoyance (I feel like I will be in this boot forever). Reliance (This boot is part of me, I cannot function without it). And I’m not sure what comes next because that is where I am!

I won’t have another drs appointment until next week. That will be week 5. At that point I know he will be taking me down a wedge. Right now my incision looks super. There is no yuckiness, the stitches are dissolving, there is hardly any bruising or swelling. I have a small range of motion. I didn’t try very much with my boot off because I didn’t want to hurt anything, but movement in the boot feels very comfortable.

Wondering the typical time it takes to get back to driving. I know I am in this boot for prob. 5 more weeks, but I can’t imagine not being able to drive for that much longer!

Hope you are all doing well!

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