Hi all,

Just about 3 weeks out from surgery. I took 3 weeks off from work and am going back on Monday. I’m an elementary principal at two different buildings about 2 miles from each other. Since my root foot is the one affected I’m getting rides to and from and just doing one building at a time. I feel like it’s going to be exhausting.

Things that are rough right now:
*The scooter and crutches take a lot of work (you all know this, just venting).
*Getting a bath or shower is exhausting. I can shower with the shower bag or take a bath without the boot. Without the boot I’m so paranoid, and with it it’s just a pain. Afterward getting all lotioned and potioned and getting dressed and doing hair seems to take forever and by then I’m whooped.
*By the end of the evening my fingers seem to be achy- has anyone else experienced this?
*Lastly I feel like I get tired so easily.
I’m not nervous about going back to school, I guess I’m just anxious about the level of tired I will be. Just one more paper to write and my coursework is done for 2 weeks though, so that is good.

Hope you all are well.

One Response to “Tired.”

  1. You said everything I just went through. I was exhausted and had to take naps (I never take a nap). My fingers never got achy - but I used the iwalk the whole time. Once you are able to shower, get your foot wet, and start weight bearing some, things get better. I’m still tired but not as bad. There is hope ahead!

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