2 week check in

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well! Looks like we are in for some snow tonight and tomorrow, I’m happy to still be off and able to enjoy it from the inside. I had my two week check in just a day short of two weeks from surgery.

He said that I’m healing very well and with the lack of swelling, bruising, and soreness, and with the way the incision looks I’m ahead of schedule. He said many people hear news like that and promptly go out and do something dumb, lol. (I can attest for that I see similar behavior from kids at school) The thing I am most excited about is being able to take a bath now! The boot bag was great but oh my gosh, the ordeal of taking a shower even with the bag and shower chair…..

I have really tried to be very good about keeping my leg elevated at least 90% of the time when I am home. In the two week period post-surgery I haven’t been out much. Week one just for my check up, then last week for my daughter’s musical performances Wednesday- Friday night, and two on Saturday. I had an aisle seat and was able to put my foot up on my scooter which was good. The scooter is kind of a pain to get in and out of the car, but if you have someone to help you it is so much easier on you than crutches.

Here are my tips for the first two weeks based on things I did that seemed to help:
-Get the wedge that elevates your leg instead of stacking pillows, then try to spend the majority of your time with that leg up and out of commission.
-Create an island where you will be spending your time and keep everything you might need handy. Make your space welcoming with some candles, flowers, a pitcher of water and snacks.
-Get a shower stool/chair and the bag. It made it much easier. I also had a pack of Johnson’s Baby Washcloths and facial wipes handy because showering every day was just too much.
-I think the biggest hurts I have had were more from the assistive devices than the surgery, with the exception of the first 2-3 days after. The heels of my hands really hurt from the handlebars and crutches.
-Get some experience with the scooter and crutches BEFORE you have to use them. The crutches require some arm strength, and the scooter requires some core muscles, so get accustomed before you are dependent on them and taking pain meds.
- Try not to watch tv and snack all day. Daytime tv sucks and makes you feel depressed and yucky. Eating a lot of unhealthy snacks will add to that feeling.
-I did not do this but will start…wear something on your good foot when you are using the scooter. I ran over my good foot a few times and it really hurt!
-Accept help. I still kind of suck at that, but it has been so nice to have friends who have stopped by with food and to visit. Since I work and go out to dinner a few times a week I underestimated the things needed to eat at home the whole time.
-Lastly, be a friend to yourself. Have patience, be kind to yourself, enjoy your own company. I have not had this much time to myself like, ever. It has been so rejuvenating! Also try to remember that this is temporary. I know I still have a long road ahead, but there is an end to this. There are so many folks whose battle is so much harder and who face odds that are so uncertain.

Those have been the helpful things :-) I hope you all are doing wel!

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  1. Congratulations on what sounds like a good start to your recovery. I very much endorse your last point, take the time to be kind to yourself and enjoy the experience of being still rather than going everywhere at 100 miles an hour. I also found a thermos of coffee useful too! Wishing you continued speedy recovery

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