Post-Op Check-Up

Had my one week post-op check in this afternoon and things are going well! It felt so weird to have my whole foot exposed! Like a turtle without the shell! The incision is 7-8 inches long and the stitches look pretty good. Steri-strips still in place. He put some stuff on them and rewrapped it. Timelines now—- 8 more weeks in the boot and at that time I’ll start PT. At least another week of total elevation and off of my feet with a check in next Monday. I asked about the Vaco boot as opposed to the Breg that I have. He said he much prefers the Breg with the wedges because of how solid it is.

I love the whole office- I’ve been going there since December and will miss them when it’s all over! So another week on Couch Island. At least I’ll get to go out a few nights this week for the musical!

5 Responses to “Post-Op Check-Up”

  1. Congrats on the good checkup!I imagine it’d be really odd to see your foot again, and along all of the early recovery stages (maybe the whole time).

    I’ll be following along, for sure. Seems like I’ll be about 2 weeks behind you if my appointment goes as expected tomorrow.

  2. Glad your recheck went well. It was odd seeing my foot for the first time in two weeks, then so disappointing to see that cast go back on, so I know how you feel.

  3. Can you see your ankle yet? LOL! There was still some surgery swelling at my first check but by my 12 day check my ankle, bones and tendons on my foot were all visible :) Glad things look good!

  4. Lol I could see my ankle and bones! There was hardly any swelling. I was a little surprised at how big the incision was- it’s at least 7 inches. I’m ok with it as long as it’s better!

  5. Mine is pretty long too - but I have a small foot and they had to grind off a LOT of bone so they had to have room to work. :)

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