Set Back

I’m feeling down. My incision looks terrific and doesn’t feel tight and my foot actually feels terrific. When will the rest of my body catch up? Last week I went back to work and only worked 2 days. I was so tired and did not spend nearly enough time with the foot elevated. Being home [...]

Driving Question

Right foot ATR peeps, did you drive before being FWB? If you are still in your boot, did you take it off to drive? I’ll be booted until the 8 week mark but cannot for the life of me imagine not being able to drive for 5 more weeks. Just wondering how that works.

Back to Work!

Day 1 back to work went pretty well. The biggest thing I underestimated is how not having my foot elevated would feel. By the time I got home it was hurting. Not terribly, but more than usual. Other than feeling tired it wasn’t too bad.
I still have the Breg and wear it 24 hours a [...]


Hi all,
Just about 3 weeks out from surgery. I took 3 weeks off from work and am going back on Monday. I’m an elementary principal at two different buildings about 2 miles from each other. Since my root foot is the one affected I’m getting rides to and from and just doing one building at [...]

2 week check in

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well! Looks like we are in for some snow tonight and tomorrow, I’m happy to still be off and able to enjoy it from the inside. I had my two week check in just a day short of two weeks from surgery.
He said that I’m healing very well [...]

Post-Op Check-Up

Had my one week post-op check in this afternoon and things are going well! It felt so weird to have my whole foot exposed! Like a turtle without the shell! The incision is 7-8 inches long and the stitches look pretty good. Steri-strips still in place. He put some stuff on them and rewrapped it. [...]

When did you go back to work?

Just wondering how many days/weeks after surgery you went back to work, esp. if you have a right ATR. Thanks in advance!

Can’t Sleep.

I guess with not being very active during the day 6 hours of sleep is about all I need. Woke up really hurting and am now wide awake. I’m finding that recovery is definitely not a linear process. The marathon part I understood, but the two steps (ugh) forward/one step (ugh) back seems to be [...]

Day 4 Post Surgery

I have so many questions!
How long were you guys off of work?
What week did you start PT?
I think I’ve seen answers to most of my other questions here…….
My evenings tend to be a little rough, but I think after taking it more easy today I’ll be better tonight. I hope you are all doing well!

Starting at the beginning….

Hi everyone, I was so happy to stumble onto this site a few days before my surgery. I’ve been dealing with pain in the achilles area for about a year and a half. My doctor has tried a few conservative treatments, and I was ok for the most part. December 2015 things started to get [...]