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Jul 10 2012

Doing the Happy Dance at 16 weeks!

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Ok, I’m not exactly Shuffling or jumping up and down with joy physically, but in my mind I am. :-) I thought I was happy to reach 12 weeks! Now at 16 weeks I am breathing a big sigh of relief. From what I have read on this blog the risk of rerupture is now very low. I know it still happens, but rarely.
I am now in 2 shoes almost full time. I put the boot on, on Saturday, as we were going to be a doing a lot of walking, some of it on uneven ground. Yesterday I went to the grocery store, without the boot, for the first time. I made my son walk behind me though, as the thought of someone hitting my ankle with their shopping cart is terrifying. I still walk slowly and with a small limp, but it is getting better everyday. I am able to do a water aerobics class 3 - 4 times a week which I LOVE! My husband also dragged in my punching bag from the garage into the house. We have reached 100 degree weather here and working out in the garage in that heat was not going to happen, lol. I really miss my kickboxing class, so having that bag in the house has really been good for me.
I am very tired of having to wear tennis shoes with the lifts and can’t wait to start weaning off of those. I miss flip flops!! I can walk barefoot around the house, but with a big limp. I need the lifts to walk without a limp. How long did it take most people to be able to walk barefoot without a limp? I’d love to hear from anyone on this subject.

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