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Jun 07 2012

Quick update and temporary goodbye.

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Update: Walking is slowly improving but the tendon still feels really tight. I started a cardio kickboxing class, in the pool, this week. It feels really great to be active again and get my heart rate up there. I almost forgot how it feels to have sore muscles! I have noticed that I have greater ROM in my ankle since starting this class and that obviously makes me very happy.
Temporary goodbye : we are leaving on a 10 day camping trip tomorrow so I probably won’t be able to log in as much as I currently do. I will miss you all. It’s been a busy week though and I can’t wait to sit and relax. I spent the entire day packing and at one point the husband person said to me “well, at least you only had to pack half your shoes”. Haha. Make fun of the gimpy girl in the boot. (And yes Starshep, they are all 5″ stilletos. ;-)

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