May 30 2012

10 weeks post-op, come on 12!!

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I was very fortunate in that I found this website the day after box jumps took me down. I have read on several people’s blogs that 12 weeks post op and non op, is the “magic” week where your Achilles is considered healed and the rates of re rupture begin to drop. Over the last 10 weeks I have looked forward to ditching the cast and getting in the boot, PWB, FWB, and finally 2 shoes. Now the number 12 flashes in my mind constantly. I know I won’t be completely out of the woods when that magic day comes, but for some reason I think I will be able to breath a little easier knowing I have hit the 12 week mark.
So…a little update on my progress. I am now walking about the house in two shoes full time, for the most part. I put the boot back on if I’m doing something I feel could be hazardous to my tendon, such as lugging around the vacuum, or mopping the floor. Don’t want to slip! When I go outside I wear the boot. My walk, in two shoes, is very slow, but improving every day. The first few days I was just playing catch up. That is, I would take a step with the bad foot and “catch up” with the good foot. Now my good foot can go past catching up and I can go heel to toe. I hope that in another week I will be able to take my good foot farther past the bad foot, but right now the tendon is just too stiff. I started using a recumbent stationary bike. The first day I only made it 5 minutes before my ankle felt to wobbly to continue. Today I made it 20 minutes and burned 38 calories. (go me, ha ha). The best cardio I have found so far is to play Just Dance on the Wii, with my son. My kids crack up watching me bust a move with my big ol space boot on. :-D That’s all for now. As always, I hope everyone is having a good healing day and welcome to our newest members! It does get better!

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  1. starshepon 30 May 2012 at 5:07 pm

    Congratulations on making 10 weeks. I’m at 14 weeks and I started walking in 2 shoes without crutches about 3 weeks ago while at my physical therapy session. It’s amazing what goes into a walk when you actually have to think about it. I addition to concentrating on heel-to-toe, you also have to think about pushing off with your big toe on the foot with the ATR. Then you have to monitor how you are leaning with your upper body. My next challenge was trying to match the speed at which I bring my trailing foot forward. I think I finally crossed the last hurdle this weekend when I was finally able to lead with my hip - which is probably different for a guy than an woman.

    Just keep concentrating on technique and doing your ROM exercises. Speed and stamina will come. The last thing you want it to get too comfortable living with a limp.

  2. jimminycon 31 May 2012 at 4:15 am

    Jennifer, sounds like you are doing well and good work getting to 10 weeks. Learning to walk again is very strange right? My mother (bless her) asked me why I was not walking normally yet when I was at 12 weeks and I think it is just a case of remembering how to while also waiting for the tendon to lose some of it’s stiffness. Once the stiffness goes working on technique becomes easier although I do have a new found appreciation for the human body when I consider the complexities of simply ‘walking’!

    And yes, getting to 12 weeks does feel good, although I am still cautious at 14 weeks, no sense in overdoing it!

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