Mar 27 2012

Let’s vent!

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If one more person says to me, “You’re 40! Of course you hurt yourself jumping off a box.” I’m going to scream. What are some of the most insensitive things people have said to you? I know the best medicine is a positive attitude, but sometimes you gotta let it all out. Where better than here, with people who understand you?

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  1. ericbabulaon 27 Mar 2012 at 11:09 pm

    “Well, at your age (I just turned 45 yesterday), maybe you should consider giving up volleyball.” That’s the one I get over and over. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen! Ha! Actually, since I’m the competitive type, rather than getting me down, those types of comments reinforce my desire to heal myself and get back on the vball court, and the bicycle, and hiking, and whatever else I darn-well wanna do!

    Too old……NEVER!!!

    Jennifer - you gotta just blow those comments off, and let those people know that you think of this as a minor setback that anyone can have, no matter what age, and that you’ll be back, better than ever! That’s what I’m doing!

    Good luck on the rest of your recovery! Keep up the positive vibe!

  2. jenniferandersonon 27 Mar 2012 at 11:38 pm

    Vollyball at 45!? Man were you asking for it, Eric. Ha! Yeah, I don’t let the comments get to me too much. It just gets irritating after a while. Your response made me laugh and laughter is good for the soul. And yes, I will be back, better than ever!!
    Good luck on your recovery!!

  3. Truckeron 28 Mar 2012 at 7:15 am

    Although not quite in my 40’s I still get responses regarding my age. At 36 I was doing most wods Rx and beating the young guys….it was awesome…I especially loved when a new person would show up for a class..usually a cocky 21 year old guy and an unsuspecting middle aged stay at home mom would kill it….I usually would give them a high five and tell them that a girl old enough to be his mom just whooped his a@&. ……we will all get back to normal some day..showing up the youngins…and probably stepping off the box not instead of bouncing…….that just means our wall balls and burpees will have to be faster

  4. stalledminidriveron 28 Mar 2012 at 12:04 pm

    I get one of two responses :

    1) Well you are over 40 now…
    2) How on earth did you do that playing Badminton? I thought it was a footballers injury.

    Still, I suppose it serves me right for trying to beat a pair of teenagers who’d just taken a game off me. I just don’t like losing!

  5. bballmatton 28 Mar 2012 at 12:54 pm

    I’m 26 and ruptured mine playing basketball. I don’t qualify (sorry, not being cocky here) for the “what do you expect? you’re getting old!” response.

    What annoys me is when people just look at me and say something like, “Jeez, that sucks,” or “Sucks, man,” or “Wow, that really sucks,” or “What are we going to do with you?” I try to seem positive and approach people with information about my injury in a positive way, but people just become Debby Downer quicker than my Achilles snapped.

    A friend told me next time someone tells me “it sucks” to respond, “you know what? You suck!” But I think that defeats the purpose.

  6. normofthenorthon 28 Mar 2012 at 1:19 pm

    You guys all sound great — OK, maybe except Matt, because you’re friends are trying to be supportive when they say an ATR sucks! (It does suck.)
    I’d say keep right on going after your AT recovers! I’m so much older than most of my volleyball buddies (@ almost 67!), the new ones are more likely to call me “Sir” than to tease me about my age! :-)

    I missed some indoor beach ball last two weeks ’cause I was in Whistler skiing. But 2 wks ago when I last played, I was waiting with some 2nd-rate newbies (nice folks) to get back on the court, when one of my 20-year-old hotshot buddies came from the opposite end of the 8-court complex to ask me if I wanted to play 2-on-2 with him. Hell, yeah!!
    We only had time for 2 games before closing time (2 AM!), but we played against two solid teams and we CRUSHED them!! :-) The ball-handling, the teamwork… It was all there, and it was a rush for both of us. Who cares that I’m probably older than his Grandfather when we can play like that?

    BTW, minidriver, if you look through this site (or the list of how and when we all ATRed), you’ll find out just how over-represented you badminton players are in this crowd. Everybody’s batted around a birdie in a back yard, but competitive badminton is a gruelling high-intensity (& high-ATR-risk) sport, even if it gets no respect.

  7. normofthenorthon 28 Mar 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Jennifer, I have no idea why my last post is “awaiting moderation”, but could you please approve it so it appears? (I worked too hard on this #%*{+ iPod keyboard! :-)

  8. victorialyn12on 28 Mar 2012 at 1:39 pm

    I have a similar situation as bball Matt…I’m 24 and ripped mine playing soccer, so the “at your age” comments don’t really apply, however they’re still extremely rude. Just sum it up to people being jealous that you’re active, they’re probably lazy and want to make themselves feel better.

    I too hate when people just stare at my cast and go “wow, that sucks.” maybe I’m too polite but I’d never say that to a stranger. Another pet peeve is when people just stare at it…like get OVER it. It’s a cast! Either ask me what happened or continue on your way.

    I was getting food the other day and the lady at the counter looked at it and said “wow, looks like your summer is ruined.”

    News flash lady, I get it off in 2 weeks. Sorry :-)

  9. jimminycon 28 Mar 2012 at 2:27 pm

    Great idea Jennifer, here’s my contribution:

    1. People who do no exercise making the judgement that doing exercise (playing badminton at the ripe old age of 34!!??) is dangerous and asking for trouble along with my cycling and swimming. My response to this is that sitting on my ass for my whole life waiting to die would be boring and pointless!

    2. ‘How did you do that playing girls tennis’ (badminton)??

    3. ‘Why were you playing so hard’, answer, because I wanted to win!!

    My advice to all, ignore these ‘Debby Downers’ (nice phrasing bballmatt) and concentrate on your recovery…!!

  10. jenniferandersonon 28 Mar 2012 at 2:41 pm

    These are all great!! Norm, I don’t see another comment from you. Hold on….I’m looking…

  11. jenniferandersonon 28 Mar 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Found it!!

  12. jenniferandersonon 28 Mar 2012 at 2:48 pm

    Now that I think about it, the people who remark on my age are all career couch potatoes. Not listening to them!! Today I lifted weights and did sit ups and drug my sweaty self to the bathtub. I may be gimpy, but I’m not a quitter. :-)

  13. doryton 28 Mar 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Those comments are irrelevant to fit people like us. Age does not matter. Blow those comments off

  14. Januson 28 Mar 2012 at 7:58 pm

    Blew mine out at the age of 48 while running sprints. Age may be a factor, but it’s not an excuse. I will choose an active life style — and the injuries that come with it, including this current minor nightmare — any day and every time over an inactive life style, and the chronic health problems that come with that.

    This is just something that can happen, and if and when it does, you deal with it. I’m looking forward to travelling here and trekking there as soon as I am able; and I’m working on other things in the meantime. Improving my number of pull-ups, for example.

    All the pleasure I’ve had running trails still far outweighs this temporary setback. If I’m feeling sorry for anyone, it’s for the people my age who don’t push themselves, who don’t get out to enjoy the fresh air and great outdoors, and who just let their bodies (and sometimes it seems, their minds) stagnate in place.

    Current attitude: defiant.

    Best all.

  15. ericbabulaon 28 Mar 2012 at 9:05 pm

    I like your attitude, Janus!

  16. andrewj35on 30 Mar 2012 at 2:28 pm

    I am 35yr old male @ 165 lbs and blew mine playing basketball, totally a freak thing. Best question a person said to me about how I got hurt:

    ” So did you fall down when you were trying on your wife’s high heels?”

    This came from a 6′5 guy (I am 6ft) who I royally give crap to everyday. It comes around sometime but to be fair I am hoping my luck changes (I am playing the lotto, come on $540M).

  17. Courtneyon 31 Mar 2012 at 3:03 pm

    Great thread, just reading this now but it made me laugh. I can’t believe how many people have said exact same thing to me - like it serves me right, getting hurt because of how active I am. Really? It seems to justify their couch potato lifestyle.

  18. normofthenorthon 01 Apr 2012 at 12:46 am

    There do seem to be two kinds of people… I think it was GBS who said he got all the exercise he needed, being pallbearer at his active friends’ funerals! ;-)
    Fortunately for those of us in the competitive and/of compulsively active camp, the stats on longevity and health don’t bear him out.

  19. alion 01 Apr 2012 at 4:19 am

    It used to really get to me when people stopped looking at my face but looked at the boot and said ‘Youre wearing your boot’ It took a lot not to reply ‘Yeah like I haven’t noticed’. The other one which used to wind me up without fail was ‘that looks expensive’ (looking at the boot). Another told me I shouldn’t rely on crutches or I would get too used to them and not get off them (when I was longing to get out with my walking poles)grrrrrrr
    It makes me so grateful for what I can do now and Im so thankful I don’t have a long term problem.
    loving this thread :D

  20. Charleson 01 Apr 2012 at 11:25 am

    Hello all I have not been on this site in months. I just wanted to say keeping pushing to those hurt. I tore my right achilles last July and was back to full distance running in February. I am in the military and was EXTREMELY worried about my career. However, surgery, hard work during rehab and motivation I made it through. I am currently staying away from basketball until a year since the injury. It hurts because I have played organized basketball all my life. Unfortunately, things change I am twenty-eight now and not in in high school. I have decided to pretty much leave the game behind. Everybody keep pushing, do your rehab, ice up. I wish everyone a speedy recovering. I know this injury can get you down but fight it and stay motivated.

  21. doryton 01 Apr 2012 at 10:39 pm

    Hey Jennifer,
    I am going to the wound clinic at Kaiser Fontana tomorrow. Did you have your surgery at outpatient Fontana? I am curious to know who your surgeon was. I might want to get another surgeons opinion. I had a tendon graft. Whereas mine was a complete rupture and My surgeon Dr. Serynek overlaped the tendon abiout 1/2″ and wraped it with cadaver tendon to strengthen it. I am thinking that maybe it is too thick and coulb be reason why I am having these issues with the skin skinning over.

  22. jenniferandersonon 01 Apr 2012 at 11:03 pm

    Yes I had my outpatient surgery at Fontana. My surgeon was Fred Anderson out of the Redlands clinic. I am fortunate in that I have two friends who work for Kaiser and recommended him to me. He is supposed to be one of the best that Kaiser has to offer. I go in tomorrow to have my stitches removed and I’ll let you know how my healing is going. If I can look. I’m really squeamish about these sort of things. I’ve never had stitches removed. I don’t want to sound like a total wimp…but…does it hurt?

  23. doryton 02 Apr 2012 at 1:13 am

    Thanks Jennifer. I may look Fred Anderson up for a consult. I like and trust my surgeon Serynek but maybe a second opinion may be worth something. Pulling out the stitches didn’t hurt. Felt wierd kind of like hair being pulled and snapped. Make sure they put steri strips on the incisiion when they recast you. Perhaps that is why mine didn’t close completely. They say not as I’ve constantly brought that up with docotors. I brought baby wipes and wiped down my leg cleaning the betadine and cleaned my lil toes. Stayed clear away from the incision. Mine was ugly dried blood and my skin was so dry. Take care and good luck tomorrow

  24. jenniferandersonon 03 Apr 2012 at 4:08 pm

    So, when I tell people what happened to me and they respond with, “that’s why I don’t exercise”, is it ok to respond back, “oh, that’s why you’re fat.”? Too harsh?? Hahaha. I’ll just say it in my head. Onwards!!

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