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The Third Week

On December 12, I was scheduled to fly out of Birmingham to Peoria, IL.  Thanks to the Blizzard in the Mid-West, things didn’t go as planned.  My flight was cancelled, and “crutching” along, mean that I got beat to the ticket counter to reschedule my flight.  All the good flights were booked by the time it was my turn.  Eventually, I decided to drive.  I had been at the airport since 9:30AM, and it was around 1:30PM when I decided to give up.  My flight had been scheduled for 11:10AM.

I was worried that having my foot pointed down for the scheduled 10+ hour drive would be painful.  Turns out it wasn’t that bad.  However, I didn’t quite make it to my destination.  Driving in TN with snow on the ground was an experience.  I lost count of the number of cars stuck in the snow on the side of the interstate.  By some miracle, I made it to Kentucky…about 2 hours behind schedule.

The state of KY should be commended for their ability to keep their interstates clean of snow and ice.  I managed to drive around 60mph the entire time I was in Kentucky.  I thought things were going to continue to go well into Illinois, but I was mistaken.  After having my heart leap through my chest from sliding all over the place, I gave up and got a hotel in Mt. Vernon, IL.  I didn’t want to be one the of the people stuck on the side of the interstate waiting for a tow as I slowly ran of of gas.

It was a good decision, and I was able to continue the drive the following morning.  Four more hours on the road and I made it to Peoria.  I was only 3 hours late for the class that I drove up for.  The 10 hour scheduled trip, took me 12 hours of actual road time…not to bad considering I drove 30mph for the majority of my time in TN.

My foot did well the entire time.  I did go a little stir crazy, and I think my foot became claustrophobic, but I made it without any pain.   The worst part of the entire experience was trying to lug my carry-on luggage through the airport.  I had rigged up a connection to my crutch to pull the luggage.  It worked, but my arm was dead tired.  I am sure that I didn’t look very smooth walking through the airport.

I get to make the return trip on Friday, and so far the forecast isn’t showing any snow.  Keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way.

2 Responses to “The Third Week”

  1. liverpoollass Says:

    Sounds like your not letting the AT get the better of you. I think that the sctivity not only helps physically but mentally too. Good luck with your return journey.

  2. jla2010 Says:

    Wow! Nothing’s going to get in your way. Good for you.

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