Freak Accident Week #4

So this is my first post on this site.  I am hoping to get some good info and feedback to help me along in this process.

So here is my story.  I am a 37 year old mother of 3 and I work full time and also run a business out of my home.  So I am a very busy lady.  I am still kind of in shock of what happened and am dealing with it on a daily basis.  I am not active.  I run occasionally but nothing major so this is not an injury that was caused by sports in anyway.  I was bringing groceries into my sisters home when the grocery bag broke and a bottle fell out onto the concrete and shattered.  With that a fairly small piece of glass flew up and severed my achilles tendon.  There were no other cuts on my leg just a small cut to the back of my ankle and walla I am in the position I am in.  It was such a freak accident.  I was in the hospital that night and surgery was scheduled for the next day.

I made it through that first two weeks with the help of my mom and my husband.  The cast came off after 2 weeks and now I am in the boot from hell!!  I hate this boot.  I still can’t put any weight on my leg so getting around is rather tough.  Thank goodness for the knee scooter.  I have to sleep in the boot and the only time I can take it off is when I shower.  I am still having some major leg cramping and muscle pain.  I am assuming that this is all normal.  What’s next?  I go back to the doctor on Monday so I am not sure what to expect and not sure when I will be able to head back to work as I am on my feet all day.  Physical Therapy I am guess is in my future??

Can someone shed some light as to what my future holds??