Hello world!

Hi all

This is my first ATR and my first blog, so bear with me as I undo any technical problems I create for myself!

Here’s an intro to me.  I’m 39 (40 in a few days), married with a 16 month old daughter who is now faster than me!  I live in rural California (I mean rural…  we’re not talking Napa here) and work in the citrus business.  I am (was?) a pretty avid cyclist, hiker, etc. and hope to get back to that stuff soon.

I am now almost 3 weeks post-op and understand why the doc told me this injury is more mental than physical.  While I am allowed to start partial weight bearing (just a tad, he says, just a tad), I am not allowed to do much else as you all know.  Some minor stretching and leg lifts.  Hitting the gym for upper body work.

Well, just like others here in the community, I want to take an active role in recovery, yet I’m not allowed to start PT for another 3 weeks.

That’s the mental part…

Luckily I can work from home most times, just heading in for meetings and the like.  I have a supportive work place that is really quite flexible, so I’m happy about that.

I’ll post the details on how I got here under separate cover.

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