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  1. I am new to blogging and this blog. I am 6 days post surgery and have gotten very little guidance from my surgeon on activity level etc. I have been back to work on crutches since day 5 post surgery and have been fairly active on my crutches. Is this wrong?

  2. Jeffery - welcome to the world of ATR…sorry to hear about your injury..how did it happen? You can read my blog http://achillesblog.com/brendan/ and many others to start to get lots of info. On the work question, it seems that some folks went back a few days after surgery…and others were out longer. It really depends on your activity level at work and how your foot feels. Since I was just splinted after surgery for 10 days (no cast), and new to crutches….I was a little concerned about falling. I have a desk job, and was able to take a full week off, and then I took the 2nd week post op and worked from home where I could still lay in bed with my laptop and elevate my leg. I had quite a bit of throbbing for the first 3 weeks whenever my foot was not elevated. Hope that helps..I don’t think there is a “right” or “wrong”…you’ve got to do what feels “right” to you!

  3. I went back to work one week after surgery. I’m a fifth grade teacher. I was exhausted. It’s my understanding that the more you can get around– the better it may be for recovery. Just don’t bend that toe upward sharply! I have a walking boot now– in week 6. Most times I remain upbeat– somtimes I get depressed. No more basketball for me!!

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