Week 20 update and elliptical?

Bloggers and Blogettes,
Hope you all are progressing  well.  It’ll be week 20 for me on Tuesday.  My activity this last week include:
P90X leg workout.  Added light dumbbells and went well.
My PT said I am not lifting my toe enough when I walk.  Added walking on my toes and heels to my normal home routine.
I was [...]

14 weeks and suddenly ankle swelling?

Was feeling good about my progress and suddenly a week ago I started getting swelling around my ankle.  I have been lucky up until now to not have much swelling at all.  No significant pain.  Still doing PT but have pulled back on really getting after it.  Anyone else have this experience at this point [...]

11.5 week follow up

Finally out of the boot!  Started PT-alphabet, circles, resistance bands and balancing on one leg.  Not as bad as I thought.  I can walk almost without a limp right after PT with shoes on.  Big thing is very little power on the injured right leg but I know it will come.  Dr green-lighted resistance exercises [...]

5.5 week follow up

Went and saw the Dr today and good news/bad news. I’m cleared for FWB but will need to wear the boot for another 6 weeks and no PT yet. He said the delay was due to a degenerative condition in the Achilles before repair and it needs more healing time than it would [...]

3 Weeks In

Hello All, This is my second go-around with ATR. My original injury happened on my left leg while I was playing basketball 22 years ago. At the time I thought I was tripped from behind, but have others have said no one was there. I distinctly remember NOT having any plantar [...]