14 weeks and suddenly ankle swelling?

Was feeling good about my progress and suddenly a week ago I started getting swelling around my ankle.  I have been lucky up until now to not have much swelling at all.  No significant pain.  Still doing PT but have pulled back on really getting after it.  Anyone else have this experience at this point in their recovery?

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  1. It happens. For me it usually happens when I am upright and doing too much in a day. If you compare your upright time now to earlier I’m guessing you’ll find your doing more. Many have found that wearing compression socks helps a lot. I don’t recall getting swelling as a result of doing any PT exercises. I’ve been getting more swelling lately (week 9) and when I get swelling I get aches in the ankle which is my signal - LOL! - so I’m trying to make it a point of elevating when I can when I’m sitting so I don’t get the ache. For my right foot just about the time I thought I should buy compression socks my foot stopped swelling as much. I may need to get some this time around since I’ll be doing more as my left foot recovers since we’re coming up on the holiday season which means I’ll be upright in order to get things done, traveling in cars to visit, …

  2. Thanks CSerpent. Helpful as always!

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