11.5 week follow up

Finally out of the boot!  Started PT-alphabet, circles, resistance bands and balancing on one leg.  Not as bad as I thought.  I can walk almost without a limp right after PT with shoes on.  Big thing is very little power on the injured right leg but I know it will come.  Dr green-lighted resistance exercises but no explosive movement for 6 more weeks.  He said weights actually help lengthen the tendon which is important as we age.  Looking forward to getting back to lower body work.

Wishing all you posters well!

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  1. Congrats! I know what a relief that is. I get to transition into shoes (with a heel lift) next week! I’m doing some basic PT at home already - alphabet, forward/backward, circles, light resistance band work - and that’s all I get to do until week 10 when I start “official” PT. I’ll be at 7 weeks on Wed. I’ll still be booted part of the time until week 11. My doc has me transition into shoes slowly - 1/2 time in shoes at week 9, 3/4 time in shoes week 10, full time in shoes week 11 - as tolerated of course.

  2. Thanks CSerpent. I can already see why a frustrating stage for many. The calf is so weak seems like will never be able to do single leg calf raises. I’ll keep at it consistently though.

    Looks like your on a more aggressive schedule than I am. Good luck on your transition out of the boot.

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