5.5 week follow up

Went and saw the Dr today and good news/bad news. I’m cleared for FWB but will need to wear the boot for another 6 weeks and no PT yet. He said the delay was due to a degenerative condition in the Achilles before repair and it needs more healing time than it would otherwise. The atrophy in my calf is pretty startling to say the least.

With that said, I forgot how it easy it was to do things when you can put two feeton the ground. So at least there’s that.

I’m really impressed with the positive energy that everyone has on this page. Good luck on your recoveries!

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  1. For my haglunds surgery my path to walking was similar. My doc knew I wanted to play soccer again so he wanted to make sure everything was healed around the anchors before I went into shoes. My path differed slightly in that I was FWB in boot from week 6-8, then 25% of time in shoes (with a heel lift), 75% of time in boot for another 2 weeks, then 50/50 for another 2 weeks and finally full time in shoes with a heel lift. And, yes, the calf atrophy is kind of amazing!

    And now I’m in the first week of recovery after the same surgery on my left foot :) I know how good my right foot felt in the end so I was looking forward to surgery on my left foot!

  2. @cserpent, thanks for the reply. The tone of your messages having gone through this kind of thing twice is just taking it all in stride. Good for you, many others would get frustrated.
    Hope you heal up quickly to get back to it!

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