3 Weeks In

Hello All, This is my second go-around with ATR. My original injury happened on my left leg while I was playing basketball 22 years ago. At the time I thought I was tripped from behind, but have others have said no one was there. I distinctly remember NOT having any plantar flex in my foot which is I thought was standard with this injury and leads my gap in treatment the 2nd time around.

On June 9th I participated in the Warrior Dash. I hurt my right leg on the first obstacle which was a little salt in the wound. My daughter who was hesitant to participate at all finished and had a great time while I was in the medical tent. My initial fear was ATR, followed by calf strain as I still had movement in my foot. Only after a month of self-rehab and a visit to the PT that I got the bad news that my first concern was the right one.

My surgery was on July 10th.  Surgeon told my wife that there was some previous damage there and a tear was inevitable.  Also said the tendon was “tight” and I will really have to baby it initially.  I was in a splint for two weeks and then an air cast.  Still NWB until at least August 17th.  The PA says the protocol is to go right to shoes and FWB.  Should be interesting.

I have been doing upper body work and even crutch around the neighborhood for exercise.  This helps physically and to keep my spirits up.  I have been  eating a  lot better than I have in a long time due to fear of gaining a bunch of weight.  I’m hoping this will help me overcome the 10 pounds I have been trying to lose for years.

It has really helped me by reading about others’ experiences on this site.  Real challenge is to remain patient knowing there is such a long road ahead.

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  1. Jeff, our situation mirrors each other by just a couple days. Around Aug 22nd I will go to PT with PWB. Keep us posted on how the FWB goes. Sounds like your protocol is a little more aggressive than mine, and you will be mobile fairly quickly. It’s been nice doing an upper body workout to include push-ups, sit ups, and trying to fight the battle of the bulge. My wife has been feeding smoothies to me every morning, and that’s been helpful. Thanks for sharing, keep us posted.

  2. Hey Jeff, I also ruptured mine on June 9th but had the surgery a few days later on the 13th. I just transitioned to 2 shoes on Friday 8/10 officially, though I had been trying out some walking on my own before clearance from the MD. I’m walking with a limp but it’s getting easier and less noticeable (hopefully). Tendon feels super stiff and double leg heel raises hurt from the stiffness, but it’s feeling better every day. Thanks for sharing, it’s good to read from others in a similar situation!


  3. @Chris Met directly with the surgeon last and he basically said PWB until you feel good about FWB. He never incorporated lifts so I’m at 90%. Two days into it and I can walk with just the boot no problem though I’m using the crutch most of the time just to play it safe. With that said my foot swelled up last night which I attribute to the new experience.
    Nice job keeping up with the workouts! You’ll have some good mo’ when you can incorporate the legs. Hope all goes as planned on the 22nd.

  4. @yankeefan. So you were smarter than me and got this taken care of right away :). Shoes are definitely something to look forward to. Hope your calf keeps strengthening.

  5. 6 weeks post rupture surgery here and was excited to receive the ok to start weight bearing in my walking boot. I expected some weakness and discomfort but didn’t anticipate this amount of pain throughout my foot but mainly sharp pain in my heel. Three days later it hasn’t let up and I still depend on both crutches to get around. Has anyone else had this experience? How long should I expect this to last?

  6. Sorry to hear that. I had some sharp pain in my heel initially. Like needles. That subsided after about a day. If you check Agnes’s blog she had a pretty deliberate approach going from PWB to FWB. Hope you get past this hurdle soon.

  7. I had the needle like pain initially as well on my right foot when I started walking in the boot. From what I remember it only lasted the first day, but my doc had me slowly work up to walking. So I could walk 25% of the time in the boot during the 1st week, then 50% of the time the next week and then 100% of the time the following week if my foot was OK with it.

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