PRP injection is working at 6 weeks

Six weeks ago I had a PRP injection into the tendon for an almost completely torn achilles tendon.  It was still hanging together by a thread.  I had injured it about five months earlier and had a misdiagnosis by a different doctor.  The time between the injury and when I went to the new doctor would make the surgery much more difficult than a new injury, so my doctor wanted me to try this approach.  I went conservative  and did not do surgery do the circumstances with the misdiagnosis and did the injection to super heal it.. 

I went back to the doctor yesterday and he said that he could not tell the difference between my injured one and my good one and was amazed at the progress.  I am the first patient he has used the PRP on so he is as excited as I am since I am somewhat of a research project for him.  For the six weeks I was in the boot and for the first three weeks of that I was on crutches.  I am now in two shoes at home on level surfaces with light physical therapy and in two weeks I go to two shoes all of the time with light activity and then I start the more intense physical therapy to strengthen everything.

Yesterday was the first day that I have walked in six weeks without the boot on or crutches and when I took the first step I almost passed out.  It wasn’t from the pain because nothing hurts but I guess my brain had not been used to nerve impluses from my injured foot.  I have been walking slowly around the house today with no problem and everything feels stronger than before I had the injection. 

I really did not want to have surgery because we just put a swimming pool in and with surgery and a hard cast I would not have been able to swim for a while.  With this I have been able to swim all season and not miss out on fun with the kids.

Hopefully everything continues to improve.

Good luck to everyone else out there.  I know this has slowed me down way too much and I am looking forward to being back to normal.

PRP injection

I am a healthy active 36 year old male that has never injured myself ever, so this is my first.

I injured myself on Dec 15, 2008 while playing volleyball. A 200 pound guy landed on the back of my leg after I landed from spiking the ball and down I went. After the injury, I went to a doctor who told me that I had a torn calf muscle. I went along with that because the guy landed on my calf muscle and that was where the majority of the pain was located originally. I went back to the doctor a couple of times because I was getting better but it kept hurting. He told me that these things take about a year to heal. Finally in April, I was not getting any better. I still limped and now the pain was pretty much all at the back of my ankle. I found a different doctor and saw him. Right away he said that my achilles tendon was also ruptured, so he sent me to get an MRI. The MRI showed that it was not a complete rupture, the front part was still together but the back part that was torn had deteriorated leaving dead tissue, which would make surgery difficult. He told me that his partner was working with a non surgical method called PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) that would be a great alternative for my situation, since mine was not fully ruptured the platelets would adhere to the good part and regenerate new cells filling in the torn part. PRP is taking my blood and getting the platelets out of it and injecting it into the tendon to jump start the tendon into healing itself.

It is Monday May 18th and I had the procedure done three days ago. The procedure itself did not hurt. The only thing that hurt was when they injected the lidocaine to numb the area. I am now in the boot and am using crutches for the next three weeks. I then will go back and at one month will have an additional injection depending on how things are healing. My ankle is sore but I was told that it will be sore for around a week after the injection which I want. Soreness means that the injection is causing the healing of the tendon.

I tried reading information about the procedure before I had it done but there is not alot out there since using it on achilles tendons is fairly new. I figured I would give it a shot since surgery was not going to be easy based on my injury, so I figured at worst I would just be delaying surgery a month or so if this does not work and at best I will be better without having surgery.

Biologically speaking this procedure makes since, so I am hoping that science doesn’t fail me and I am on my way to recovery and back to my active life. It is rather difficult to coach little league baseball on crutches but I did it the day after the procedure.

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