Two Weeks Post Op - A Second Follow-up Visit

January 29th, 2009

I had my second follow-up visit.

Fibreglass cast removed as were my staples and stitches.  You definitely know when the staples are being removed.  They are not painful, but feel as though someone is pinching you.  Some pinches are harder than others.  Removal of the stitches was pain free - slight pinching, but nothing like the staple removal.

The Doc had a look at the wound and was pleased with the progress.  Replaced fibreglass cast with foot in an almost neutral position.  What a difference having foot in a natural feeling position.

We discussed the timeframe for weight bearing.  Doc is a believer of no weight for 6 weeks after surgery.  He is the expert - although I have seen various timelines for weightbearing on this site - so I will be four more weeks with the crutches.

Another appt in two weeks for a wound inspection and slight angle adjustment.




First Followup Visit

January 29th, 2009

One week post-op and I had my first follow-up visit.

My splint was removed and I had my fist look at the damage.   There were approx four stitches and a bundle of staples up the back of my leg.  The Doc inspected the wound and was happy with the progress.  I was put in a fibreglass cast and told to schedule an appointment one week later for removal of staples and stitches. 

I asked the Doc about returning to work.  When we first spoke about the surgery, he told me to expect to be off work for two to three weeks.  When I asked about returning to work during this visit he said everything looked good so I would be able to return to work right away - but to keep the weight off.  My desk job made that relatively easy.  I was a little disapointed not to have the two weeks off, but in reality is was good to get back into the swing of things.  My boss was also very happy to have me back early.

Another appointment in a week.

My ‘See’ procedure

January 16th, 2009

I was admitted to hospital at 10am Wed Jan 14.  I did not have a scheduled procedure, but rather a ‘C’ Case - The Doctor would ‘SEE’ me if he could.  I was shown to my room and got comfortable for what I thought would be a short wait.  Having not eaten since midnight, I was hoping the wait would be short so I could get some food in me…..  At 7pm, the nurse brought me supper and told me that I was fourth on the list and he could only get through three of the ‘SEE’ cases.  I would have to wait until Thursday for my procedure.

Spent the night and looked forward to an early AM procedure on Thursday….

Woke at 7am Thursday and began the waiting process….  Finally at 1pm, my nurse came in and said “go empty your bladder, you are next.”  The stretcher arrived and wisked me off to the OR.  A couple deep breaths and a few of good dreams, I was awake in recovery.

My leg was in a splint which leaves room for swelling.  I was very dehydrated and feeling some pain.  My first order of business was to drink water and pop pills.  This is where I made a BIG mistake.  My hunger and dehydration led me to believe an orange would be a good thing to eat - so I did.

The hospital was very busy and my bed had been given up so I was wheeled off into the recovery overflow area - where I would spend the rest of my time at the hospital.  I was given a meal - I foolishly requested the FULL meal - of Pork, potatoes and beans.  The other patients in recovery were carted out jello and juice for supper.  I picked at the beans, never touched the pork or the potatoes.

At some point during the evening, I told the nurse that I was feeling nauchious.  She was getting me some gravol, but it didn’t come soon enough…..  Thank goodness there were some towels on my bed.  If not, there would have been a big mess…..  After vomiting in the towels, the nurse gave me a basin to finish off in.  In total I vomited 4 times…..  The other patients vomited as well.  In speaking with the nurse, she told me that it is not uncommon for patients to vomit after an anesthetic.  The orange may have been a contributing factor in my case as it is very acidic and the digestive system slows and my stomach would not have liked the acidic orange.

On a positive note, I did feel much better after vomiting and had a comfortable night - the comfort was assisted with morphene and percocets.

Day 1 -

Woke up feeling some pain in my leg, but noting a quick injection didn’t cure.  I spent the day in the hospital waiting for the DOC to visit to release me.  I received royal treatment of percs and morphine to help me make it through the day.  I was finall released at 3pm.  Off to Drug store to fill perscription and then home to get comfy on the couch.  Two percocets every 4 hours should help me get through the night.  I will update in a couple days.

How it Happened

January 14th, 2009

Playing squash Friday Jan 9.  I was serving for the game, went to the ‘T’ after the serve.  When I made my move to my backhand to mlay the service return, I heard  pop, had a feeling like someone hit me with a racquet across the back of my leg and then I hit the floor. I was playing at the municipal complex and was attended to initially by the lifeguards from the pool.  An ambulance was called and I was off to Emergency.  When I arrived at Emerg, I was put though some tests, and it was thought I had a partial tear.  I was put in a cast to imobolize the injury and sent home.

Got a call on Monday AM stating I had an appt on Tuesday AM at fracture clinic.  Arrived at Fracture Clinic and after diagnosis it was determinded that the bestc course of action is SURGERY.  I am off to hospital for a C-procedure - sounds pretty serious.  It didn’t take me long to understand that a C-procedure is simply - the doctor will “SEE” you when he has time.  Off to the hospital to wait.

This site has made my anxiety non-existant as I am now very informed about the surgery and recovery.

Thanks - I will be update post op

This is a Great Site

January 13th, 2009

I will track my progress and learn more about my injury thought this site.