Top 10’s

This is my bi-weekly attempt to stay positive and focus on the good stuff…

Week 7 & 8

  1. Family and friends, of course. The kids continue to be great sports.  We’ve added a few incentives to all the extra ‘helping out’ by creating a list of jobs they can do for some extra spending $$ (eg. baking cookies, wash/vaccuum the car, rake/pick cedar out of the garden beds in time for planting season). I just really don’t have the words to express my gratitude for my partner right now.  He has been so patient with the ‘extras’ he’s had to take on and a true support in so many ways.
  2. Physio. Will continue to sing the praises of these fine follks.
  3. Exercise bike. I can’t believe how great it feels just to get my legs moving again. Now to create the perfect playlist…
  4. Sleeping w/o boot. Hallelujah!!
  5. Fancy new shoe. (See #1)
  6. Boot. Still LOVE the VACOcast. Really happy I can allow for ROM while practicing walking again but still have the mental support of this protection.  (Mine was also covered by medical so if you’re waffling, I’d look into it).
  7. Massage.  A little tender initially but feels so good afterward.
  8. Gym/pool. New special on at the pool/community centre gym.  Monthly pass for $30.  I’ll be getting my monies worth :)
  9. Smoothies. My current fav is banana, ice, frozen raspberries, blackberries, OJ, and a scoop of protein powder. So delicious after a long bike session.
  10. Not being able to locate my crutches.  Lately, I’ve been somewhere in the house and then realized my crutches aren’t in sight because I’ve been walking around in my ’super’ shoe and boot.  I still use them when I’m outside the house for (mental) support but I can see a time in the not-so-distant future when these will be headed to the attic.  Yes!

Week 5 & 6

  1. Family, friends will always be number one.
  2. Physio.  Still feels better every time I do it.  My physio - she’s a keeper! - actually emailed while I was on Spring Break to check in and ask if I wanted her to try to track down the specialist on her next shift at the hospital, or if I’d managed to get an appt. yet.  Blew me away!
  3. A real shower.  Ahhh! Finally found a taller, slimmer stool that works in our little shower.  Decided to just shower with the boot on and then wash the foot/boot cover afterward.  Three cheers for the removable cover on the VACOcast.
  4. Kayaking. Still my #1 cardio workout right now. Can’t get enough of the fresh air and sunshine after feeling cooped up for so long.
  5. Beach. I feel so fortunate to live near the ocean.  A morning coffee or evening glass of wine on the beach doesn’t provide much nourishment but sure feels like soul food right now.  Just had a crew over and cooked paella over the fire this weekend.  We sat visiting until the sun went down.  Gorgeous.  Made for a slightly sketchy crutch walk home but 100% worth it :)
  6. Birds.  Here on the west coast of Canada, there are swarms of migrating birds landing on the water or taking over the towering cedars around us.  They are so fun to watch.  Add a few bald eagles  - landing gear out - dive bombing the water for fish and the entertainment from the deck is exquisite.
  7. Painting. I’m halfway finished a giant canvas my partner bought me as a birthday gift before my youngest was born (She is about to turn 10!!!).  Since then, between studies, work, parenting… I never seemed to take the time to paint or make space to leave it out at home.  Had been racking my brain for something I can do sitting down when my husband hauled the canvas down from the attic (see #1).  I now look forward to carving out time in the day to turn on CBC radio one and work on this project.  Silver linings…
  8. Acupuncture.  My dad has had success treating allergies with acupuncture (he’s a singer and any respiratory illness really interferes with his performance).  My physio said it can be helpful for some people to treat inflammation, promote circulation, help with pain management, etc.  My pain hasn’t been too bad but I figured any help I can get with inflammation and circulation should be a good thing right? (plus I was a little curious about it all).  So far so good.
  9. Adventurous educators and enthusiastic parents.  I’m so grateful that our kids have many superb mentors in their lives.  My son’s Gr. 6/7 class is currently up the mountain for a snowshoe/backpacking trip with two teachers and some volunteer parents.  Although I’m sorry not to be one of those parents, I’m truly thrilled for the kids.  They also scored some ideal weather conditions.  I’m sure the view is spectacular right now and I can’t wait for the pictures, stories…
  10. Sunshine.

Week 3 & 4

  1. Still couldn’t do this without family and friends.
  2. Starting physio.  Hurrah for movement!!
  3. Partner/kids who don’t mind massaging my nasty foot.
  4. Kayaking. An upper body cardio workout and fresh air.  Heavenly!
  5. The VACOcast Achilles Pro (100% worth the splurge and ends up being covered by medical - shipping. Bonus!).
  6. The library.
  7. Spring Break with the family (even if I can’t join them on the slopes).
  8. 1st time in pool (with a towel wrapped around by leg and stuffed into the plastic shell of the old Ossur boot. Shhh!).
  9. A “get-well” book of pictures and messages from my students.
  10. Can’t believe I’m writing it but I’m glad that some of my job is online work so I don’t go completely bonkers.

Week 1 & 2

  1. Family and friends of course.
  2. My laptop.
  3. A decent medical plan!
  4. This blog :)
  5. Getting out of the ‘giganticast’ and into my cousin’s ‘moonboot’ (Ossur Rebound Air Walker boot ).
  6. A Lazy-Boy in a room with a view.
  7. A chair on wheels in the kitchen.
  8. A bathtub with a retractable shower head hose.
  9. An automatic vehicle (with a L-ATR).
  10. A decent icepack (or ziplocs full of frozen popcorn kernels)… though I have been drooling over this cryo-cuff set-up!


  • I was lucky enough that DW and I had installed a phone-shower on a long vertical track in the 2nd-floor bathroom. At its lowest, it was an easy reach while sitting or kneeling on the foam-covered step-stool “we” put in the shower stall. With a spandex-&-Velcro strap holding up a black garbage bag, all I needed was some fancy work on the crutches and boot to get into the shower and get clean. :-)

  • Sounds like a good set-up Norm. We have either a bath with retractable shower head or a fairly tight shower. I’ll definitely need a stool in the shower for now so not much room…I actually tried just leaving the door open while on the stool and redirecting the showerhead but it made a huge mess. Oops. My partner is super supportive but I don’t think renovating the bathroom after all my water damage will go over well :) So you just kept the boot on for showering and covered it with the a garbage bag? Did I read that correctly? I was also contemplating my “wrap the leg in an old towel and put it in the plastic shell of the old moonboot” pool trick. Just don’t have much space to sit without putting a fair bit of weight on the foot for now so I’m waiting ’til I’m further along in the PWB-FWB process just to be a bit cautious. Nath’s recent comment was sobering. Maybe I just need a taller, smaller stool…

  • I can only reiterate the importance of family and friends. If the women in my life (mom and girlfriend) hadn’t put up with me for the first 3-4 weeks, I would of been a helpless little cry baby :). But seriously, I don’t know how I would of handled my children’s daily lives for the first couple of weeks without them.

    The detachable shower head was pretty cool also. :)

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