1 Year 1 Month - 90%

September 29, 2014

Hello all,

It’s been quite awhile since I posted last, I believe February was my last post. Since February I’ve come quite along way. Here’s some of my accomplishments:

No longer walking with a limp!

Running (100%)

Sprinting (85%)

Jumping (85%)

It’s been a super long road, and I still have a few limitations, but some of those were my own doing. My best advice to anybody still recovering or whom may have just been injured, take it slow, and don’t skip out on PT. I missed some PT time, about 3 months (got a new job, moved to a new city, etc.) and am a little behind. Don’t do that to yourselves if you can manage it. Keep your heads up!


Hey all!

Haven’t posted since the holidays but I would like to provide a pick me up to those folks who might be down in the dumps with a new ATR.

Life for me has gotten much better. My achilles is still stiff at times and it gets sore after a long day walking, but I am doing great otherwise. I’ve been doing PT on my own but am thinking on heading back in as I want to know if I can get back to jogging or not. I still miss being able to play sports, but I’m just happy I’m moving around again. I’ve never felt so blessed to be able to walk when I know others with disabilities or injuries can’t.

I was lucky enough to take a business trip to china and I visited Shanghai, Shenzen, and Hong Kong. What a beautiful country, and guess what!? I walked all over the place and only had to deal with some minor swelling!!

If there’s any advice I can give for you folks just starting out on your road to recovery, keep your head up and don’t feel sorry for yourself. Stay motivated, stay vigilant in PT, or if you’re fresh out f surgery, keep that damn thing elevated. Our bodies are extraordinary and they’ll heal themselves with the proper guidance.

Happy Heelin’ folks. I wish you nothing but positive energy.

Hey all, it’s been a little over a month since I’ve posted on here. I was fully cleared to leave the boot and return to two shoes on November 27th. I kept the boot on for a bit though as walking in two shoes is still kind of tough and I wore my boot during a business trip to Juarez, Mexico just last week. But right now, I’m pretty much in two shoes. I throw the boot on when I take the dog out for a walk or when it’s snowing (it’s been a rough week here in south central PA). Of course I’ve got a limp, and I was walking much faster in the boot, but the only way I’m going to get back to normal, is by working on it. I’m still engaging in PT 2x a week and that’s going pretty well. I’m able to balance on my injured leg for a personal best of 20 seconds so far. I’ve mastered the sitting heel lift, however, the standing heel lift is still out of reach. Slow and steady wins the race, so I’m just taking my time, being careful and proactive at the same time. I remember just a few short months of ago being on crutches and hating life, but like everyone on here has said, soon as you go FWB, things get much easier. Not sure if I’ll post again before Christmas as the holiday season is a pretty busy time for us all. Whatever the case, I’d like to wish you all happy holidays and good luck in your recovery!

Happy Heeling,

Bicycling?? Swimming??

November 4, 2013

Hey all, I’m approaching my 10th week, and PT started Friday. I’ve got another appointment this afternoon. My first session consisted of some foot pumps, ankle rotations, some bending of my foot with a towel, a scar massage with cocoa butter, some loosening of my foot by the therapist, and finally an extremely cold boot of ice for 10mins. Since I’ve started PT I’ve been very positive and optimistic for the future. Even gave myself some ideas of activities I would like to pursue in the future. One of them, cycling. Another swimming. And of course, running. Add them up? TRIATHLON.

I’m pretty stoked about potentially competing in a triathlon, but I’m putting my recovery first and taking it very slowly and incrementally. But I’ve a few questions. How long did it take some of you folks to get back on a bike? Even a stationary bike? My physical therapist said he’d like to get me back into two shoes in about 2-3 weeks but all depends on my progress. Also how long for swimming? I want to sign up to my local Y and get some workouts in the pool. Laps, walking in the water, etc. Can anybody give me some tips/suggestions/past experiences? All help is appreciated!


Just went and saw my OS yesterday. He and his assistant were very proud of my recovery and also were proud of the job they have done thus far. It’s been a long ordeal, but I feel like I am finally rounding the corner in my recovery process. I realize there is so much more time left before I am 100%, but yesterday felt like a small victory to me.

The OS checked out my Achilles and said it looked and felt great. They cleared me for my first PT session starting Friday. I asked about ROM exercises and the like, but they want a physical therapist to take care of those steps for now.

I also asked about some upper calf and knee pain I’ve been having. I’ve been having some pain behind my knee, right beneath where it bends. They said it’s just the act of the muscles stretching out again, and that I can expect that type of pain. It hurts most when I walk, so I guess that’s what it is. Anyway, I’ll update tomorrow after my first adventure to the Physical Therapist’s office.

P.S. They also took the heel wedges out!!!!!!!!


Happy Heelin’!

7 Weeks PWB/FWB

October 28, 2013

This Wednesday will be my 7th week since surgery. My doctor told me to go ahead and start putting weight on my injured leg, incrementally. I’ve been doing so very slowly and kind of satisfied with the results. I’m not getting any pain really in the Achilles, just some slight ankle pain and a little bit of soreness in the calf. I kind of half expected this since I have been immobile for quite some time.

I worked my way up to one crutch and even brought one crutch to work one day. My injured leg felt fine with no pain again in the tendon. I’m pretty confident on one crutch, however I prefer two crutches because I can just get around much faster. I must say however, walking without crutches has been quite disappointing. I haven’t really been able to walk “normally” per se. I can stand on two feet without the crutches and put a good deal of weight on my injured leg (whilst in the boot of course). When it comes to walking without crutches however, I just can’t do it. I just kind of balance a little bit on my injured leg and do a hop type movement with my right foot. Has anyone else started off like this? I’m kind of worried that it might be a mental thing, because like I said, I feel no pain in the Achilles when I put a good deal of weight on it.

I appreciate all the tips if there are any!

Happy Heelin’


7th Week - PWB!

October 17, 2013

So I met my doctor yesterday, after looking at the tendon (and telling me how vicious of a tear it was - worst he’s ever seen) he cleared me to begin PWB. I’m supposed to put some weight on it while on crutches and in 5-7 days ditch one of the crutches, while eventually working my way to ZERO, none, zilch, nada, CRUTCHES. Sorry, just excited to burn these things in a raging bonfire and prance around it and drink merrily. Yes, I hate these damn crutches.

On another note, “walking” while on crutches is kind of weird to say the least. Putting weight on my boot (about 1%) is a little strange to me. I’m kind of worried that if I push it too much something can go wrong, so I’m being a little conservative to start out, at least until Saturday, my self prescribed day to test out the waters with 1 crutch around the house. I’ll make sure I blast some jock jams or something to get me pumped that day.

But in the meantime, has anybody any suggestions for this PWB stage? What are some tips? How long did it take you to ditch the crutches and go FWB? Any tidbit of info always helps.


Happy Heelin’.


1 Month Since Surgery! :-)

September 30, 2013

So it’s been 1 Month since surgery. I am at my 5th week of NWB and I’m immobilized in this aircast. I am told I can begin PWB October 16th, which would be 7 weeks since surgery, and also 7 weeks NWB. After reading a lot of blogs on here, it seems that I am behind the curve here. I don’t know exactly what condition my tendon is in since I haven’t spoken to O.S. since before the surgery. I’ve only seen his assistant and she really didn’t offer too much information. So, as a result, I’ve scheduled a follow-up with the Ortho himself. He seems like a busy guy, and I have to admit, I have felt very rushed at each appointment. I’ve been having some pain in my calf, and was sent for an ultrasound twice, both of which have turned up negative for blood clots. Just to be extra sure, they sent me for a CAT scan of my lungs. All in all, no blood clots which is good, but I’m just wondering why I’m feeling this pulling sensation near my tendon. Especially since I have it elevated when it tends to hurt. Hopefully it’s just some muscle cramping. I’ve read stories about re-ruptures, and I haven’t felt that type of pain like some folks have said, except I did feel a very slight pulling sensation and then some throbbing pain afterward. But instead of self-diagnose, I’m heading to the Ortho this week. I’d rather not wait until October 16th, if something can be put to rest now.

Thanks for reading! You all are inspiration to me, even the folks that have just tore their achilles recently. It’s a rough process, but without your blogs and therapy techniques, I would be lost. Keep posting, the information is excellent!


4 More Weeks of NWB

September 23, 2013

Hey all,

So last week I was kinda nervous for no reason regarding my pain and being placed into a boot and whatnot. Honestly, I think I’m just a little impatient. I wento to my ortho last week and she took a look at my stitches, and concluded that they are healing exceptionally well. After a quick check to see if I could put pressure onto her hand with my toes, she said that everything seems ok. She told me that she wants to keep me in a boot for another 4 weeks and to remain at the NWB stage. After the 4 weeks, I would come back in for another visit and we would begin “putting a little bit of weight on it.” Sounded good to me; I finally got a timeline! So I’ve marked my calendar and have been crossing the days off since. Just another 3 weeks to go and I can be at the PWB stage. I must say I’m quite anxious, but as they say, “time heals all wounds.” I really wish I could start moving around and such, considering my birthday is coming up on Oct. 24th, and my family and I always like to take a trip somewhere fun like a haunted attraction. Sadly, I think our trip will have to be postponed this year due to my limitations at the moment. But maybe you guys could help me out with your stories and such, but how long is the PWB stage? How quickly did you advance to the FWB stage? Just wondering so I know what I’m in for. Also any PT excercises that I may have coming up let me know!


Thanks for all of your help!


Hey all, I had my first post-op visit last wednesday and it was VERY uneventful. I didn’t even get to talk to my O.S., but talked to very briefly to his assistant. She removed the splint that I was given from surgery, took a peek at my stitches, and told a nurse to put me into that same splint and I was scheduled an appointment for the following Wednesday. I was very disappointed as the whole appointment felt very rushed.

When I got home that Wednesday, I started to have some pretty severe pain on the bottom of my foot. It felt like a burning, stabbing pain. I tolerated this for the evening and took some pain meds (I had been off pain meds for 2 weeks). Finally I just could not take the pain and scheduled an appointment saturday at another office (but same orthopedic group).  I went in, described my pain to a different doctor, and he said he wanted me out of the splint ASAP, as what I was experiencing was rubbing from the fiber glass portion of the splint on the back of my leg. He put me in a boot and told me to go to my next follow up appointment.

Now here’s my concern, my surgeon said that we would decide at my next visit if I was ok to be put into a boot or not. However, I’ve already been placed in one. I’m not sure what the benefits of a cast are versus the boot, but I haven’t taken it off (except to dress and undress). I have put ZERO wait on the boot as I’m scared to death of a re-rupture. By the way it’s only been 17 days since my surgery. I tried to get my appointment moved up to tomorrow, but it’s been difficult with this orthopedic group for some reason. I was never really given a detailed timeline of when I can expect to go to PWB and then eventually FWB and PT thrown in. All in all, I’m a little disappointed, because I feel like I’m in the dark here. Is it too late to change my orthopedic group since I’ve gotten surgery? I’ve got so many questions and my doc never seems to have time for them.

Oh well, just gonna keep my head up!