6 weeks removed from Surgery

I am recovering at an amazing pace. Feels so good. Ditched the walking boot after 5 weeks post surgery. My therapist is thrilled how well I am heeling and how strong I am already getting. If you are just facing this injury, stay positive and believe you can do it. Just think I walked a mile and a half in sneakers, just 39 days removed from surgery. I can’t wait to see how far along I am in another month. Hope everyone is doing really well with their recovery!

Walking in CAM Boot

Just wanted to do a quick post about walking in a cam boot.  I just had my cast cut off and put into a CAM walking boot yesterday, which was 14 days post surgery.  The walking boot certainly is not as easy as it sounds.  I described it yesterday as having a baseball duct taped to the bottom of a foot And trying to walk.  It is very difficult to balance.

Well after doing some research and getting some good advice from responses to my last post, it is manageable to walk in this, you just have to know the correct technique.  With that being said, two weeks post surgery, I am walking in the boot without the aid of crutches.  Walking in a boot is nothing like walking normally, but it absolutely is a very positive milestone for ones mental state after an achilles injury.

The best way I can describe how walking in this cam walking boot, is let the boot glide you.  Take your first step with the boot, heel down, let it rock forward and follow it with your good foot.  You CAN NOT walk normally.  You must utilize the curved underneath of the boot And let it rock you forward.  The first time you try, most certainly have the crutches nearby.  But it is possible.  And I Am doing it around the house without the aid of crutches just two weeks after surgery with no pain.

Here is a you tube link that should help:  http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4kGY4VBHqq8

Achilles injury to two weeks post surgery

Hello All, my name is John and I am 33 years old.  I ruptured my left Achilles’ tendon on July 5, 2013.  It happened when I was playing two on two basketball. It was certainly nothing high speed, in fact I wasn’t moving at all when it happened.  I was passed the ball and I was standing All by myself.  I took a shot and heard a very distinct t pop.  Immediately following the pop, I hopped off the court and was very concerned what happened.  I had never been injured before so when I heard the pop, I thought I had broke something.  However there was no pain upon touching the area.  When I Attempted to put weight on the leg, I pain emanated from my heel area and I immediately knew it was an achilles injury.  I was hoping that it was just a strain as the pain wasn’t overwhelming. I could walk putting most of the pressure on my heel.  However, doing research during the following day, it seemed that my injury was a telltale rupture.

I went to the emergency room on Sunday July 7,  little under 48 hrs after injury.  They did the Thompson test and immediately knew it was a rupture, no MRI required.  They fitted me with a splint and I went to the orthopedic surgeon the next day.  I opted for surgery, as the re rupture percentage is much less than natural healing, and the odds tend to, but not always point to performance level can get back up to pre injury level.  I got fitted with a hard cast and my surgery was scheduled for July 17, 12 days post injury.  At no time from injury to surgery, did I take a pain medication.  There was no pain as I completely rested and was off the leg, on crutches the entire time.

The day of surgery was here.  Cast cut off, leg was lightly bruised and pathetically skinny, IV was inserted And must for this surgery…PAIN BLOCK was given.  According to dr surgery was less than 45 minutes.  Splint was on and i went home.  Pain block lasted 22 hrs for me, varies for everyone.  The pain came on once the pain block wore off.  It was never completely overwhelming for me but it wasn’t a piece of cake.  Hydrocodone helped.  I didn’t move out of bed besides bathroom breaks for the first three days with my leg elevated the entire time.  I only took Pain meds the following day and haven’t taken one since.

back to orthopedic surgeon a week after surgery.  They cut the splint off and wound looked perfect.  Cast went back on.  Then one more week of cast which takes me to today.  Cast was just taken off, stitches out and I am now in walking boot with heel wedges.  It is very difficult to walk without crutches.  NOT due to pain as your foot is at such an angle that there is no pressure on achilles.  It is a balance issue.  It feels like a baseball is underneath my foot in the boot.  So I am putting pressure on boot with assistance of crutches.

so next step is PT in 15 days.  Every 4-5 days i will remove a heel wedge until I am flat in the boot.  I will keep this updated how the boot feels once some wedges come out.  Please feel free to comment or ask questions.  I look forward to keeping up with this blog.

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