Hello ATR community!!!  I have just hit exactly one week since my open surgery to repair a full rupture of my right achilles. I must say I was excited and relieved to find this site and so many other people affected by this injury. I am definitely not alone on this journey…although sitting on my couch here by myself is still a bit lonely lol. I hurt myself on Friday July 18th. Just an average beautiful sunny Colorado day. My buddy and I were outside enjoying the weather and doing a little free running. Nothing crazy or stupid..after all I’m a 39 year old father of 3 and I’m definitely not looking to hurt myself being reckless. I eyed a wall jump..again nothing too risky just slightly challenging and fun. I ran toward the wall about 3/4 speed and jumped up to grab the top. This is a move I’ve done countless times without incident. As soon as I hit the wall I heard and felt something pop in my right ankle. I let go of the wall and dropped to the ground. I was in a decent amount of pain but nothing overwhelming yet I knew instantly something was wrong. I couldn’t walk or move my foot properly and my heel was mushy where my right achilles used to be. The realization of what had just happened hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew in my heart exactly what had happened. Went to the ER that night then to an OS on the following Monday the 21st. The OS confirmed it was a full rupture and I would need surgery to repair it and get back to living an active lifestyle. He also told me that it was probably just due to the fact that I had a “magic” birthday approaching. 40 lol. That didn’t make me feel one bit better. I’m an in shape and very active person. I not only have 3 kids under 9 to keep me busy but I snowboard, mountain bike, work out, and do a little free running for fun. I have also been injured before..plenty. ACL, shoulder dislocations and surgery, broken bones, and all the normal bumps, bruises, and sprains that come along with being active. I really don’t see how my achilles completely ruptured from that minor impact. I definitely didn’t get my money worth on that one. Sorry I’m rambling. So surgery was set for exactly one week later. The surgery itself seemed uneventful. I went with the nerve block as I used it with my shoulder surgery successfully. All seemed good and I went home to start healing with my crutches and a brace type thing wrapped in ace bandages. It seemed like the nerve block took forever to wear off..I told my wife give me the pain I’m just tired of being numb. I think it was about 48 hours before I felt it was completely worn off. The pain was substantial but not overwhelming. I’ve felt a little better every day physically..I’m just going crazy sitting here stuck on the couch. I go back to the OS in one more week. I’m excited to get to the next step and actually see my incision and start to rehab. Anything to be out of the house and progressing will feel great. I’m very happy to be part of this community though..none of us would choose to be here but here we all are. I’ve read a ton of stories of success and struggle and I feel stronger knowing there is light at the end and I will get back to enjoying life again. I will post again after my two week follow up.

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