Posted by: jbetschart | March 17, 2009

Cold Laser Theropy

Have you heard of it or better yet used it and know of it’s benefits.

In conjunction with PT.

Posted by: jbetschart | March 16, 2009

Swimming and Stationary bike

I forgot to mention that I have been swimming to keep the rest of the body in shape along with stationary bike with the boot on.

When I swim I am suing a leg float that you pinch between you thighs so that you don’ t move your feet.

On the bike I am keeping the boot on and ridding under control on my spinner.

Posted by: jbetschart | March 16, 2009


I am glad I found this site because I was thinking that my PT was going a little to aggressive.

I wanted a PT that would push me! My doctors notes to the PT were to start Range of motion and PWB for 2 weeks and then FWB.

After one week we are already doing a lot of motion and I am PWD and some FWB.

It looks like this is normal for a few others out there. I want to stay aggressive but don’t want to re-rupture.

I am king of think that as long as I don’t try to walk without the boot I just be ok to progress as the PT sees fit?

What do you guys think.

Posted by: jbetschart | March 16, 2009

Starting week 6

This ATR sucks, plain and simple.

Ok so I am already in week 6 but I just found this site last week so I’ll do my best to recap.

Ruptured playing indoor soccer, the game just went into overtime. I had just received the ball and was slowing down the game to spread the field a bit when I felt a big bang. I would have bet money someone with a metal bat just hit me in the calf. I stumbled a little bit then caught my feet and turned to see know one. Right then I knew this wasn’t good. I kicked the ball up to a teammate and he passed it right back to be and I told him no I was out and kicked it away. I turned to the ref, and went down. When I got up it felt as you know like my foot was hanging down in a hole.

I could move it up and down a little so I thought maybe it wasn’t;t that bat but later that night I realized it was totally ruptured when I could not find the tendon in the back of my leg. Just mush.

Had surgery 2 days later and have been on the recovery ever since.First two weeks were the hardest. I got depressed at how long the recovery was going to be. Along with not being able to move around, not being able to get a drink of water by myself.

My family was awesome even my kids helped out from day one.

At the start of week 3 I got a cast which was much lighter than the splint and by this point I switched to different sticks (crutches). I went to the type that you see in movies (something about marry or forest gump) the cup around your forearm. They are much better than the traditional sticks. The traditional one hurt my pits and game me cramps in my chest.

After 4 weeks I got a walking boot. This was really nice because I could finally wash my leg and take the boot off to give it some air. I also started PT this week and like the fact that I am making progress.

PT started off with stretching and movement exercises. My foot is already in 90deg position and very limber. I started this past weekend so about 4.5 weeks putting partial weight on the boot and did a little FWB with the boot as well.

I started driving after only 3 days because i had to get to work. although it is my rt foot I put it over the center console and used my left foot to drive. Not issues with this.