One Year Post-Op: My First Ever Sprint Triathlon

It seems that the achilles rupture has been in the news lately as a handful of professional athletes have been sidelined, and it has been slightly over a year since my injury, so I was reminded that I haven’t updated the blog in a while.  I guess that’s how it works with this blog - when you are early on in the injury/surgery/recovery phase, you rely on it heavily for advice but as you get back to normal you are busy doing other activities and don’t have time to post. 

Things have been going very well lately.  I just ran a sprint triathlon on last month (my first) and didn’t have a single problem with the achilles.  Also, I have recently run several 5Ks and I continue to teach spin class with no problems at all.  The surgery scar is fading and now is only noticable if you are looking for it.  I haven’t played volleyball or basketball or anything that requires explosive movements, but hey I’m 36 and as long as I can help coach my son’s little league team I am happy!

Not much else to report at this point but I wanted to touch base at least.  Take care all!

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  1. June 17th, 2020 | 9:08 pm

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