Back to spin class and started PT

Yesterday was a great day in my recovery.  Actually it was the second of two back-to-back great days.  Monday I started walking in 2 shoes again with only a little hitch in my step.  So, I went out and walked a mile Monday night.  Tue morning, the only soreness I had was a little in my injured leg but not at the heel - it was a little sore in the muscle that runs along my shin bone, probably just because of a sudden increase in activity after not using my leg for 2 months.  In fact, I have never been a big runner but when I did run, my shin muscles would always be sore the next day but it would go away the following day.  Guess these are what are referred to as shin splints.  Anyway, no soreness there today.

Yesterday I went to spin class for the first time in over 2 months.  I am also an instructor (now on hiatus because of the injury) so it was important for me to get back in the game before the busy season starts in the fall.  I kept the tension light and didn’t do any standing moves since I wanted to ease into it.  Everything felt great!  My cardio has taken a hit over the last 2 months but that’s to be expected.  I will continue to go to spin class 2 times per week and work my way up in tension and into standing over the next month or so.  I had planned on taking it slow but think I will be more agressive than originally planned because of my experience at  my first physical therapy session.

It was my first session and we went right after it.  My surgeon prescribed PT 2-3X per week for a month and my therapist totally agreed after an initial examination (in fact he himself is a former ortho surgeon).  He started me with some core exercises as a warmup which I was not sure of the need for but I am glad we did because I was going to need it.  He believes in target exercises for the calf and achilles in addition to working in more complex whole body exercises.  So I was introduced to the kettle bell and several different excercises.  It really got my heart rate up, my entire body engaged, and most importantly it worked my injured leg’s balancing muscles without me even focusing on it.  After the session I was sweating like a hostage and my legs were twitching.  Even before the injury and without the 2 months off from real exercise, I would still have been huffing and puffing like I was.  I was a little scared to do some of the more targeted exercises like balancing on the flat side of a Bosu ball with only my injured leg or doing shoulder presses standing on the ball side of the Bosu with both feet (thank god).  But I made it through okay.

I did have more swelling yesterday than I’ve had in a long time due to the increased use of the leg.  Instead of ice, the therapist recommended a hot soak with Epsom salts.  I iced last night but will try the Epsom after tomorrow’s session.  I asked him about massage and he agreed to work in some massage next session.  Back again tomorrow to both spin and PT and can’t wait.

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