Can’t wait to start PT!

Not much to report other than I am very antsy to start PT so I can work my way out of this boot.  I have my next follow up appointment with the surgeon on Monday.  It has been a month since I last saw him when he put me in the boot.  If all goes as planned he will give me the script to start PT and I plan on starting immediately.  I think I am pretty ahead of the game since I have been walking around the house without the boot and been doing lots of ROM exercises on my own.  I have a slight limp but not too bad for just limiting walking to my house, and my range of motion is equal to my uninjured ankle.  Best of all I have zero pain.  I am still not sure where to go for PT but there are lots of options in my area.  I want to go somewhere sports-oriented because of my active lifestyle.  Hopefully my next post will be after a couple of sessions so I can tell you about my experiences.

Took my first business trip since the ATR.  I normally travel quite a bit so the long break has been nice (missed 3 trips due to the their timing and the surgery/cast/crutches).  I have the security process down to a science but with this boot on I had to be specially processed with the wand on the way out to San Fran and on the way back.  The TSA guys were very cool so no complaints there.   It’s amazing how by the book they are as both agents went through the exact same process and explained it to me verbatim while one was in Philly and the other in San Fran.  It just added a couple of minutes to the process which is no biggie.

Lastly, I talked before about my concern about the atrophy of my calf.  Just to record a baseline so I can monitor my progress with PT, I have measured the circumference of each calf at the same point (2 inches below the bony protrusion directly under the knee) and as of right now my uninjured left calf is 16.25 inches (41.3 cm for those of you whose countries are smart enough to use metric) while my injured right calf is 15.625 inches (39.7 cm).  Hopefully soon I can make those numbers a little closer.

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  1. June 17th, 2020 | 8:58 pm

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