The Waiting Game: 50 days post-op

It has been a while since I posted, mostly because nothing has changed in my recovery since I got my boot on 7/10.  For a while there it seemed like things were moving along nicely since every 2 weeks post-op something was happening (new cast, another new cast, boot).  Surprisingly, when I got the boot on the doc didn’t want me to start PT (only ROM on my own) and wanted me to come back on 8/10 and check me then.  So I am in the middle of this, the lengthiest span between milestones so far. 

There is nothing much to report other than I am leading nearly the same life I did prior to the injury (minus any sports of course).  I have been getting around pretty well.  In fact, the boot doesn’t really affect my stride all that much (however, when I get it off I am sure I will need to get to the chiropractor to get my hips back in line since the boot is higher off the ground than my shoe).  I am back at the gym doing upper body as normal which is helping my psyche.  I am not doing any cardio because, to be honest, I don’t want my boot to get all sweaty and stinky.  I figure I can wait a few more weeks until I can do 2 shoes on the spin bike.   I have been about town as normal too - weekend at the beach, Phillies/Iron Pigs games, Eagles training camp, parties.  The only thing that bothers me is after a while standing in the boot, my heel starts to hurt.  Hope that wears off once I start with 2 shoes. 

While lounging at home or while seated at my desk at work I have been leaving the boot off as much as possible (this lets my leg and the boot get some air).  At home, I am walking the short distance to the bathroom and to my kitchen etc. which seems to be helping with my balance and stride.  My ROM exercises have really helped and I think I will be in good shape once PT starts.  Since I haven’t done any resistance exercises yet, the calf is still pretty atrophied but the scar seems to be fading in color and it isn’t as stark as it once was (see pictures below). 

Fingers crossed that on 8/10 my doc tells me I can start PT.  That day I will be on the phone scheduling my first PT appt.

7 weeks post-op calf comparison

7 weeks post-op calf comparison


7 weeks post-op scar

7 weeks post-op scar

3 Responses to “The Waiting Game: 50 days post-op”

  1. 2ndtimer
    August 2nd, 2009 | 12:46 pm

    Gosh, your scar looks beautiful!
    i hope mine will be as good…. i will have a glimps at it in a few days, nearing 5 weeks post op.

  2. jberton31
    August 7th, 2009 | 3:44 pm

    Thanks 2ndtimer. I am very happy with how the scar is looking. I guess I am lucky. Hopefully you will be too!

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  3. June 17th, 2020 | 8:57 pm

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