Post-Op Recovery

Hello everyone! I ruptured my achilles (complete tear) this past Thanksgiving morning. I hoped an early AM workout would lessen the guilt of an extra plate and drinks at dinner. I was exhausted after playing 3 half-court games for an hour. I should have listened to my body, but told myself "1 more". Halfway through the game, on a simple side step, I heard the gunshot pop in my left leg. In the blink of an eye I was on the floor. I asked my brother if anyone threw the ball at my leg haha. He said nobody touched you.

I live in the Bay Area and am a die-hard Warriors fan. I have listened to everything around Kevin Durant’s achilles injury (as well as Kobe Bryant’s among others). I knew worst case I tore my achilles, but didn’t believe it until the ER doctor confirmed it about an hour later. The leg was wrapped in a splint. I could not see an ortho because of the holiday weekend and had to wait the following week for an appointment. When I finally met with an ortho, he unwrapped the leg and told me the splint was complete crap. The ER wrapped it so that there was a lump at the heel that pushed up into where the tear was. This left my leg with an indentation and the skin didn’t look good. He said the splint should have been straight as possible at the calf to heel. Foot was angled down which was good. He put me in a boot with 1 wedge, and surgery was scheduled for 1 week after.

I have since had surgery on Dec. 6th and am beginning week 3 of recovery. I just have the following questions from the injury up until now. I have read other people’s story on the site, but thought this was best to get direct answers related to my injury. I would really appreciate feedback, your personal experience, advice, etc. I’ll list questions and feel free to answer as many as your would like.

1. Post surgery I was put back in a better splint for two weeks. The second week, towards the end of day, my toes would get thus pressure and feel numb. I could not find a comfortable position and trying to sleep sucked. Did anyone have a similar feeling in their toes?

2. I had my two week follow up appointment where I was put in a boot. The doctor still kept it with only 1 wedge. I have read multiple accounts of people starting with 3 wedges and tapering down each week to 1 wedge. Are there any benefits or disadvantages to starting with 1 wedge (~15 degrees) from the get go?

3. I have numbness in my big toe, only on the right side of it. It is tingly with sharp needles feeling. I have only been wiggling my toes so far, no foot movement. Is this usual? just the nerves waking up? any concerns?

4. There is also some discoloration in the foot. It looks like bruising, but doesnt hurt at all. just dark spotting. Any idea what this could be?

5. I have heard many accounts of people (even in non surgical route) who have started to put weight on thier foot two weeks after surgery. I was told no weight until week 6, but could begin PT at week 4. Is this just all specific to each person? the doctor’s methods? I will follow doc’s orders but man is it annoying

6. I dont get why they say no weight but this boot weighs like 10lbs! When they do say no weight, I’m assuming no body weight walking. Is it safe to just rest the leg (in boot) on the floor on its own self weight?