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May 29 2011

Am I Paranoid? (Day 32 / May 29)

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Got walking cast off on Monday and into boot.  Did non-rigorous physical therapy on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (some stretching exercises and 10 mins on a stationary bike).  Stumbled for a second on Thursday night on my carpet at home and felt a quick, sharp twinge about half way up my calf.  It was quick and did not last.  It did not feel like my original rupture.  Beginning Saturday I have been having some aches and pains and dont feel like I can do some of my range of motion exercises like I was during the week.  Did some icing which helped but my ankle is definitely not swollen.

My big concern is doing the one range of motion exercise where you lay your foot straight out in front of you and lift the top of your foot so you can feel your achilles tendon stretch.  Monday- Friday I could feel it stretch but now I dont feel it as much.  Have I just loosened it up by doing exercises all week or did I do some damage to it when I stumbled on Thursday?  Would I know if I re-ruptured it?  Are these aches and pains just from doing PT 3 times in 4 days?

Any advice/input would help.

Thanks everyone….

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