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May 25 2011

Cast Away (Day 28 / May 25)

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I had my second post-op visit with the surgeon Monday, May 23.  They removed the walking cast and inspected the incision and said everything was good to go.  I was put back in the walking boot and told I could put full weight on it.  I am now down to one crutch/boot for long distances and just the boot for moving around my house and at work.  The only restriction I have is that I cannot do full weight on it without the boot.

Welcome back long last foot…..

They gave me info for physical therapy and of course I immediately made an appointment for the same day.  I will be going 3x a week for 4 weeks and then 2x a week for another 3 months.  I’m sure it will get tougher but so far so good.  They gave me some exercises to do at home to increase the range of motion and get the blood flowing.  The highlight was that I actually got to ride a stationery bike today for 10 minutes.  Even though there was no resistance on it, it was great.

LESSON LEARNED - You will definitely feel reluctant to move your foot at all with the boot off but once you get over it mentally, it is no big deal….you will be surprised at how much you can move it.  Also, make sure to start working your other leg to build it back up, my therapist said that he has seen cases where people push too much during therapy and wind up snapping the good leg’s achilles.

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