Jul 13 2011

Inside Ankle Bone Pain (Day 77 / July 13)

Published by jaybird17 at 4:17 pm under Week 11 (July 7-13)

I am 11 weeks from ATR surgery.  I got out of my boot on July 1 and have been in two shoes since.  Since about July 4, I have had a pain located on the upper (toward the knee) portion of my “inside” ankle bone.  If anything, the pain radiates upward, but not that much.  It does seem to hurt when I raise my toes up and feels like it comes on in a “stretching” fashion. 

My PT says not to worry about it.  It has not gotten better or worse.  Has anyone had pain similar to this at this stage in ATR recovery?

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  1. Stuarton 14 Jul 2011 at 4:09 pm

    I about the same time as you. Over the last few days I have a similar pain on the inside and sometimes outside of the ankle. Put your thumb on the are where you feel the pain and rotate your ankle. Do you feel something like a ligament running under your thumb and does it hurt when you press. Your PT said not to worry about it and that is probably very true. Next time you go to physio (and if the pain is still there) ask what it is and why you shouldn’t worry about it. Remember you have had that foot locked up for some time and all of a sudden you are asking it to do work. Remember you have lots of other muscles, ligaments, small bones and tendons in the lower leg that have all been affected in some way. Some of them have to stretch or get ready to carry a normal load. You may have increased your work load on that foot since going to 2 shoes. I have increased my walking recently and I will talk to my PT next week about the pain but until then I will massage, ice, rest and cut back the work load.

  2. jaybird17on 14 Jul 2011 at 4:42 pm

    Stuart - Thanks so much for replying. I do feel something like a ligament or a vein and it does hurt when I press (I feel it moving side to side underneath the pressure of my thumb.

    I got tired of my PT saying it was nothing and I finally called my surgeon. He called me back last night (after this post) and had some concerns. He did mention the same things you do above and that is comforting. But he also scheduled me for an XRAY next Friday because he is worried about the possibility of a medial mallelous stress fracture. I’ve been freaked out ever since and it is going to be hard to wait that long. In the mean time I am going to scale way back and hope for the best. It’s frustrating because the back of my ankle (where it should hurt) is absolutely fine.

    It is a weird feeling because it doesnt hurt at rest and it doesnt hurt if I am balancing on one foot. That would seem odd if I have a stress fracture because when you stand on one leg you are putting a lot of weight on it. It only hurts when I walk and the toes are in that “pushing off” stage. That makes me think it is something “stretching”. I also have had no bruising or swelling and that is encouraging.

    But when I read this site, I get freaked out…… http://www.physioadvisor.com.au/8129842/physioadvisor-ankle-pain-ankle-injury-treatmen.htm.

    Hopefully we are both being nervous nellies and everything will be OK. Feel free to reply because you are the first (and only) person that has experienced something similar.

  3. Stuarton 14 Jul 2011 at 5:26 pm

    Don’t get too freaked just yet. It sounds like you have a very good doctor and for that you are way ahead of many others. I say he is good because he took the time to call you back and he is being thorough to eliminate the possibility or at worst confirm it. Either way see it as a good thing because it will move you ahead in your treatment. I know a stress fracture may put you back a bit but don’t just rely on what you have read on this web page. It is general information, covering a very broad range.

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